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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1300 playlist up with 54696 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-01-09Acts Of ImpalementSpecters Of UnlightInfernal OrdinanceCaligari Records
2. 2022-08-08SEVERED BOY2. PoolingTragic EncountersCaligari Records
3. 2022-08-01GROTESQUERIESFrom Skin Into the SinHaunted MausoleumCaligari Records
4. 2022-06-20SCUMSLAUGHT02 - Baptized in PissKnives and AmphetaminesCaligari Records
5. 2022-05-23NIHIL NIHIL NIHIL2. Dance The EndThings Fall Apart As They ShallCaligari Records
6. 2022-04-25SPASTICUSCrypt of FreaksSpasticating Execution - SPASTICUS/BOIACaligari Records
7. 2022-02-14HERSKER (Denmark)03_DødtøjeBefængtCaligari Records
8. 2022-02-07CRYPTUM03_Dead Celestial BodiesVile EmergenceCaligari Records
9. 2021-12-27DISEMBODIMENT (Canada)03 - Transcendent Upheaval Of Unholy GravesMutated ChaosCaligari Records
10. 2021-11-29HAALBUAERBliss in TormentMortal Ones Scream in HorrorCaligari Records
11. 2021-10-25EYEMASTERFestering Slime - Side BCharcoaled Remains / Festering SlimeCaligari Records
12. 2021-10-18SEVERED BOY4. Sparse Forest of MemoriesTragic EncountersCaligari Records
13. 2021-09-27EXSULHow in the Land of Satin We Saw Hearsay, Who Kept a School of VouchingAllegoresisCaligari Records
14. 2021-07-19SHRIEKING DEMONS3. Unspeakable RitesDiabolical RegurgitationsCaligari Records
15. 2021-06-21SEVERED BOY2. PoolingTragic EncountersCaligari Records
16. 2021-04-19ŹMIARĆVIEŁYIVčornaje połymiaCaligari Records
17. 2021-04-12DISEMBODIMENT (Canada)02 - Ceaseless DischargeMutated ChaosCaligari Records
18. 2021-03-01MŮRA01 Chambers of DecayDoom Invocations and Narcotic RitualsCaligari Records
19. 2021-02-01PERIHELION GNOSISSyzygial Summoning of His Pale-Skinned Majesty (SaSyzygial SummoningCaligari Records
20. 2020-12-21EXSUL03 CocytusExsulCaligari Records
21. 2020-10-05KYRIOS03 - A Mare In The WireSaturnal ChambersCaligari Records
22. 2020-09-07THE PASSING3 - Worthless ExistenceSelf-Titled EPCaligari Records
23. 2020-09-07FATE (Italy)1 - Where the Gods Go to DieIICaligari Records
24. 2020-08-03DUNWICH04 - Wooden HeartTail-Tied HeartsCaligari Records
25. 2020-06-29OČI VLKAII. Vnimani Zivota Na Prahu SmrtiDemoCaligari Records
26. 2020-06-22THE HOLY FLESH03 03 - Emissary IIIEmissary & VesselCaligari Records
27. 2020-06-01CLAIRVOYANCE (Poland)02 - Broken ShacklesDemoCaligari Records
28. 2020-05-25MARTHE3 - Ave MysterisSisters of DarknessCaligari Records
29. 2020-05-25RITUAL MASS03 - ServantAbhorred in the Eyes of GodCaligari Records
30. 2020-03-09THE HOLY FLESHVessel IEmissary & VesselCaligari Records
31. 2020-03-02AHNA03 - AHNA - CRIMSON DAWNCrimson DawnCaligari Records
32. 2020-02-03SKUMSTRIKELethal InjectionExecution VoidCaligari Records
33. 2020-02-03MUSCIPULADescending Into Chasm Dionanea MuscipulaLittle Chasm of HorrorsCaligari Records
34. 2020-01-06UNDEATH02 - Ineffable TumultDemo '19Caligari Records
35. 2019-12-16SEVENTH CIRCLEDwelling LuciferCycle of ViolenceCaligari Records
36. 2019-10-28UNDEATH05 - Archfiend Coercion MethodsDemo '19Caligari Records
37. 2019-09-23UNDEATH02 - Ineffable TumultDemo '19Caligari Records
38. 2019-06-03UNDEATH01 - Unadorned CoffinDemo '19Caligari Records
39. 2019-06-03TRISTENGRAV3.Tower of SilenceII - NychavgeCaligari Records
40. 2019-05-20HEXENEBRETT2. Toter SchreiErste BeschwrungCaligari Records
41. 2019-04-08DEVOID OF THOUGHT2. Tomb Marauders HordeCosmic ApoptosisCaligari Records
42. 2019-03-04UNDEATH03 - Perverted Self ReflectionsDemo '19Caligari Records
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