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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1309 playlist up with 54993 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-05-08Fustilarian02 Born In Neglect EmbraceAll This Promiscuous DecadenceAmor fati Productions
2. 2023-03-06Cult of Erinyes04 Healer - FeverÆstivationAmor fati Productions
3. 2023-03-06Dauþuz04 Der Bergschmied IVVom schwarzen SchmiedAmor fati Productions
4. 2023-02-27Verminous Serpent02 Transcendent PyreThe Malign CovenantAmor fati Productions
5. 2022-10-17Pale Spektre04 LXXXVI Tacent over Obsidian BastilleBereft of Xerotic LayersAmor fati Productions
6. 2022-09-12HadopelagyalThe Morning Carried a Feeble Sun, a Solitary Sphere of EmbersNereidean Seismic EndAmor fati Productions
7. 2022-08-22Skare02 A Sordid CeremonySkareAmor fati Productions
8. 2022-08-15Oerheks02 Transmutatie tot het EdeleCagghenvinnaAmor Fati Productions
9. 2022-08-08Aerdryk03 De Modderige PadenMet De Drietand Op Mijn HuidAmor Fati Productions
10. 2022-06-06Ringarë03 Thrall of Winter's MajestyThrall of Winter's MajestyAmor fati Productions
11. 2022-05-23Nubivagant03 The Book Of The EarthThe Wheel and the UniverseAmor fati Productions
12. 2022-04-04Häxenzijrkell02 Part 2UrgrundAmor fati Productions
13. 2022-03-28Silver Knife01 EcomimesisRingAmor fati Productions
14. 2022-01-24Det eviga leendet02 VisageReverenceAmor fati Productions
15. 2022-01-24Trest (Germany)03 3rd WitchOrdalium / Chambre ArdenteAmor fati Productions
16. 2021-10-18Dauþuz04 Der Bergschmied IVVom schwarzen SchmiedAmor fati Productions
17. 2021-08-30Fustilarian03 Irreversible CessationAll This Promiscuous DecadenceAmor fati Productions
18. 2021-04-05Múspellzheimr03 DrømmeMúspellzheimrAmor fati Productions
19. 2021-03-22Ringarë03 Thrall of Winter's MajestyThrall of Winter's MajestyAmor fati Productions
20. 2020-11-02Sainte Marie des Loups03 Funerailles de FeuFunérailles de FeuAmor Fati Productions
21. 2020-09-07Nubivagant03 One Eye Upon The GraveRoaring EyeAmor fati Productions
22. 2020-08-31Hxenzijrkell02 Part 2Die NachtseiteAmor fati Productions
23. 2020-08-24Akolyth03 What Dwells Between Fractured WorAkolythAmor fati Productions
24. 2020-07-20Silver Knife02 This Numinous LoomUnyielding/UnseeingAmor fati Productions
25. 2020-06-01Dauuz02 Kerker der EwigkeitGrubenfall 1727Amor fati Productions
26. 2020-05-11Akolyth02 The Night, The FogAkolythAmor fati Productions
27. 2020-04-27Hxanu03 Sulfur, Salt, MercurySnare of All SalvationAmor fati Productions
28. 2020-04-20The Third Eye Rapists02 Deathtrip TranscendenceDeathtrip Transcendence / Magicians of the HolocaustAmor Fati Productions
29. 2020-03-09Hxanu03 Sulfur, Salt, MercurySnare of All SalvationAmor fati Productions
30. 2020-01-27Nawaharjan04 Utfursko (Exploration)LokabrennaAmor Fati Productions
31. 2019-12-16Cult of Erinyes02 CorruptionstivationAmor fati Productions
32. 2019-09-23Acathexis03 Veins HollowedAcathexisAmor fati Productions
33. 2019-09-02Dikasterion02 Rome 897Stavelot 1597 / Rome 897Amor Fati Productions
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