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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1161 playlist up with 49554 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-07-13Northern TerrorBlacker Than BlackBlacker Than Black
2. 2020-06-08Northern CurseSpiritual FamineNorthern Curse
3. 2020-05-18Northern TerrorRevenge Of The HeathensBlacker Than Black
4. 2019-01-21Impaled Northern MoonforestMasturbating On The Unholy And Inverted Tracks Of The Grim And Frostbitten NecrobobsleddersImpaled Northern Moonforest
5. 2018-12-10Northern CurseStatic EclipseNorthern Curse
6. 2018-07-02Northern TerrorScreams Of The ForestBlacker Than Black
7. 2018-06-25NortherNAlaskan IceDesolate Ways to Ultima ThuleMoribund Records
8. 2018-04-16NortherNFall Into WinterDesolate Ways to Ultima ThuleMoribund Records
9. 2018-02-19Northern TerrorRelentless CullBlacker Than Blackself-released
10. 2017-11-20Northern CurseSea of SorrowNorthern Curse
11. 2017-02-27Northern CurseStatic EclipseDemoSelf-Released
12. 2017-02-06Northern TerrorThe Order Of WarBlacker Than Blackself-released
13. 2017-01-16Northern CurseStatic EclipseDemoSelf-Released
14. 2016-11-14Cold Northern Vengeance05 The Darkness of Once WasMaelstromMoribund Records
15. 2016-09-19Cold Northern Vengeance02 Seeker of SecretsMaelstromMoribund Records
16. 2016-08-08Cold Northern VengeanceCommunionDomination and Servitudebindrune
17. 2016-06-13Cold Northern VengeancePierced by the TreeMaelstromMoribund Records
18. 2016-02-15Cold Northern VengeanceFrom Dungrons, To Northern BlackstormsPan...
19. 2015-11-30Cold Northern Vengeance05 The Darkness of Once WasMaelstromMoribund Records
20. 2015-09-28Cold Northern VengeanceEye Of The sTormMaelstrommoribund
21. 2015-09-07Cold Northern VengeanceWaxing And WaningMaelstrommoribund
22. 2015-06-29Cold Northern VengeanceHeathen, Heretic, ScapegoatDomination and Servitudebindrune
23. 2015-01-26Impaled Northern MoonforestGrim And Frostbitten Gay BarImpaled Northern Moonforest
24. 2013-10-14Northern TerrorTears Of The MotherBlacker Than Blackself-released
25. 2013-05-27NortherTo HellAdvance 2008
26. 2013-01-14Northern TerrorLands of Freezing DeathBlacker Than Blackself-released
27. 2012-06-18Northern TerrorFate Of A Doomed ShipBlacker Than Blackself-released
28. 2012-03-05NortherBlack GoldNorther
29. 2012-01-16NortherTo HellAdvance 2008
30. 2011-06-13Impaled Northern MoonforestGrim And Frostbitten Moongoats Of The NorthImpaled Northern Moonforest
31. 2010-03-01Cold Northern VengeanceA Dangerous WayfaringDomination and Servitudebindrune
32. 2009-08-17NortherBetrayedMirror Of Madnesscenturymedia
33. 2009-07-20Cold Northern VengeanceA Past ForgottenDomination and Servitudebindrune
34. 2009-07-06Cold Northern VengeanceA Dangerous WayfaringDomination and Servitudebindrune
35. 2009-06-22Cold Northern VengeanceHeathen, Heretic, ScapegoatDomination and Servitudebindrune
36. 2009-06-15Cold Northern Vengeancethe Abraxas TranceDomination and Servitudebindrune
37. 2008-05-05Northern TerrorScreaming of the ForestBlacker Than Blackself-released
38. 2008-04-14Northern TerrorLands of Freezing DeathBlacker Than Blackself-released
39. 2007-12-17Cold Northern Vengeancethe Abraxas TranceUntitledself-released
40. 2007-05-14northerndead
41. 2006-07-24Cold Northern Vengeancea past forgotten
42. 2005-08-15Cold Northern Vengeancea past forgotten
43. 2005-08-08northern libertiesmold (live)
44. 2005-01-10Cold Northern Vengeancea past forgotten
45. 2004-07-19Cold Northern Vengeancedemonic entrapment
46. 2004-07-12Cold Northern Vengeancedemonic entrapment
47. 2004-06-14Cold Northern Vengeancedemonic entrapment
48. 2004-06-07Cold Northern Vengeancea past forgotten
49. 2004-05-31Cold Northern Vengeancea past forgotten
50. 2004-05-24Cold Northern Vengeancea past forgotten
51. 2004-05-24northercry
52. 2004-04-12Cold Northern Vengeance#2
53. 2004-04-05Cold Northern Vengeancethe darkness that once was
54. 2004-03-29Cold Northern Vengeancefrom doungeous to northern blackstorms
55. 2003-09-22northerdead
56. 2003-09-15northerblackhearted
57. 2003-09-09northercry
58. 2003-09-02NorthernBetrayed
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