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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1356 playlist up with 56555 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2024-02-12Morbid AngelUnholy BlasphemiesAbominations of DesolationEarache
2. 2023-12-18Morbid AngelUmulamahriFormulas Fatal to the FleshEarache
3. 2021-07-05Morbid AngelDamnationLive Madness 89 - Nottingham Rock City 14th November 1989
4. 2021-02-22Morbid AngelBlood on My HandsCovenantGiant
5. 2021-01-25Morbid AngelThy Kingdom ComeBlessed Are The SickCombat Records
6. 2020-06-29MORBID ANGELDawn of the AngryNEW Morbid Angel - Domination (CD)ICAR
7. 2019-10-07Morbid AngelLord of All Fevers and PlaguesAltars of MadnessRelativity
8. 2019-09-30Morbid AngelMaze of TormentAltars of MadnessRelativity
9. 2019-03-11Morbid AngelRebel LandsBlessed Are The SickCombat Records
10. 2019-01-14Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of MadnessRelativity
11. 2018-04-09Morbid AngelDamnationAltars of MadnessRelativity
12. 2017-10-09Morbid AngelAngel of DiseaseAbominations of DesolationEarache
13. 2017-05-29Morbid AngelSummoning RedemptionGateways to AnnihilationRoadrunner Records
14. 2017-05-22Morbid AngelBlasphemyAltars of MadnessRelativity
15. 2016-10-24Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of MadnessRelativity
16. 2016-09-12Morbid AngelAngel of DiseaseCovenantGiant
17. 2016-08-01Morbid AngelDoomsday CelebrationBlessed Are The SickCombat Records
18. 2016-07-04Morbid AngelThe Lion's DenCovenantGiant
19. 2015-11-23Morbid AngelNothing But FearDominationicar
20. 2015-08-10Morbid AngelChapel of GhoulsAltars of Madnessearache
21. 2015-06-22Morbid AngelImmortal RitesAltars of Madnessearache
22. 2015-06-15Morbid AngelNothing is NotForulas Fetal To The Fleshearache
23. 2015-05-18Morbid AngelRaptureCovenantgiant
24. 2015-05-04Morbid AngelWhere the Slime LiveDominationearache
25. 2015-04-20Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of Madnessearache
26. 2014-09-29Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of Madnessearache
27. 2014-05-05Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of Madnessearache
28. 2014-03-24Morbid AngelPrayer of HatredForulas Fetal To The Fleshearache
29. 2013-06-17Morbid AngelMaze Of TormentAltars of Madnessearache
30. 2013-04-15Morbid AngelSuffocationAltars of Madnessearache
31. 2013-02-04Morbid AngelSworn to the blackCovenantgiant
32. 2012-12-17Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of Madnessearache
33. 2012-09-10Morbid AngelMaze Of TormentAltars of Madnessearache
34. 2012-08-27Morbid AngelMaze Of TormentAltars Of Madnessearache
35. 2012-06-04Morbid AngelBil Ur-Sag #2 LiveVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
36. 2012-05-21Morbid AngelBlood On My HandsCovenantgiant
37. 2012-02-06Morbid AngelLions DenCovenantgiant
38. 2012-01-16Morbid AngelWhere the Slime LiveDominationearache
39. 2012-01-02Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of Madnessearache
40. 2011-10-31Morbid AngelChapel of GhoulsAltars of Madnessearache
41. 2011-08-22Morbid Angel10 More DeadIllud Divinum Insanusseason_of_mist
42. 2011-08-01Morbid AngelSworn to the blackCovenantgiant
43. 2011-07-25Morbid AngelRadikultIllud Divinum Insanusseason_of_mist
44. 2011-07-18Morbid AngelExisto VulgoreIllud Divinum Insanusseason_of_mist
45. 2011-06-27Morbid AngelSworn To The BlackEntangled In Chaosearache
46. 2010-10-04Morbid AngelImmortal RitesAltars of Madnessearache
47. 2010-09-13Morbid AngelMaze Of TormentAltars of Madnessearache
48. 2010-08-16Morbid AngelChapel of Ghouls (live)Live Madness
49. 2010-07-05Morbid AngelCovenant of DeathForulas Fetal To The Fleshearache
50. 2010-03-22Morbid AngelChapel of GhoulsVarious Artist: Grindcrusherearache
51. 2010-02-15Morbid AngelMaze Of TormentAltars of Madnessearache
52. 2009-11-16Morbid Angelmaze of tormentAltars of Madnessearache
53. 2009-11-09Morbid AngelMaze Of TormentAltars of Madnessearache
54. 2009-10-26Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of Madnessearache
55. 2009-08-24Morbid Angelmaze of tormentAltars of Madnessearache
56. 2009-07-20Morbid AngelDawn of the AngryDominationearache
57. 2009-05-11Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of Madnessearache
58. 2009-04-13Morbid AngelChapel of Ghouls (live)Live Madness
59. 2009-03-30Morbid AngelBlood on My HandsCovenantearache
60. 2009-02-16Morbid AngelVengence is MineCovenantearache
61. 2008-10-20Morbid AngelBlessed are the Sick/Leading the RatsBlessed are the Sickearache
62. 2008-08-18Morbid Angelthe Ancient OnesBlessed are the Sickearache
63. 2008-03-03Morbid AngelDesolate WaysBlessed are the Sickearache
64. 2007-12-31Morbid AngelUnholy BlasphemiesBlessed are the Sickearache
65. 2007-10-15Morbid Angelthe Lions DenCovenantgiant
66. 2007-08-06Morbid AngelSuffocationAltars of Madnessearache
67. 2007-07-23Morbid Angelchapel of ghouls (live)Live Madness
68. 2007-03-12Morbid AngelChapel of Ghouls
69. 2007-01-22morbid angelimmortal rites
70. 2006-11-27morbid angelthe lions den
71. 2006-10-30morbid angelchapel of ghouls (live)
72. 2006-10-23morbid angelimmortal rites (live)
73. 2006-08-28morbid angelChapel of Ghouls (live)
74. 2006-08-21morbid angelMaze Of Torment (live)
75. 2006-08-14morbid angelhell spawn
76. 2006-08-07morbid angelVisions from the Dark Side (live)
77. 2006-07-31morbid angelangel of disease
78. 2006-07-17morbid angellord of all fevers and plague
79. 2006-07-03morbid angelblessed are the sick (live)
80. 2006-06-05morbid angelVisions from the Dark Side
81. 2006-04-10morbid angelceasar's palace
82. 2006-04-03morbid angelgod of emptiness
83. 2006-03-27morbid angelmaze of torment
84. 2005-10-31morbid angelchapel of ghouls
85. 2005-10-03morbid angelblood on my hands
86. 2005-01-01morbid angelrebel lands
87. 2004-11-01morbid angelblessed are the sick/leading the rats
88. 2004-09-20morbid angelnothing is not
89. 2004-08-30morbid angelabominations
90. 2004-02-02morbid angelworld of shit (the promise land)
91. 2003-12-01morbid angelstricken Arize
92. 2003-11-17morbid angelenshried by grace
93. 2003-11-10morbid angelstricken arise
94. 2003-11-03morbid angelenshrined by grace
95. 2003-10-27morbid angelbeneath the hollow
96. 2003-10-13morbid angelgod of our own divinity
97. 2003-10-05morbid angelcurse the flesh
98. 2003-09-29morbid angelbeneath the hollow
99. 2003-09-22morbid angelmemories of the past
100. 2003-08-05Morbid AngelEnshrined by Grace
101. 2003-07-29morbid angelenshrived by grace
102. 2003-07-22Morbid AngelChapel of Ghouls
103. 2003-02-18Morbid AngelAbominations
104. 2002-12-10Morbid AngelI
105. 2002-08-20Morbid AngelPrayer of Hatred
106. 2002-06-11Morbid AngelBlessed are the Sick
107. 2002-03-26Morbid Angelimmortal rites
108. 2002-02-19Morbid AngelSummoning Redemption
109. 2002-01-04Morbid Angelto the Victor the Spoils
110. 2001-12-11Morbid AngelVengence is Mine
111. 2001-09-25Morbid AngelNothing is Not
112. 2001-09-18Morbid AngelHe Who Sleeps
113. 2001-07-31Morbid AngelChapels of Ghouls (RE-mix)
114. 2001-07-31Morbid AngelChapels of Ghouls (RE-mix)
115. 2001-07-17Morbid AngelAgeless, Still I Am
116. 2001-04-03Morbid AngelDamnation
117. 2001-02-20Morbid AngelChamber of Dis
118. 2001-01-23Morbid Angeltrack???
119. 2001-01-16Morbid AngelOpening the Gates
120. 2001-01-09Morbid AngelSumming Redemption
121. 2000-12-19Morbid AngelSecured Limitations
122. 2000-12-19Morbid AngelSecured Limitations
123. 2000-12-12Morbid AngelAt One with Nothing
124. 2000-12-12Morbid AngelAt One with Nothing
125. 2000-11-28Morbid AngelForshaken (god of the)
126. 2000-11-21Morbid AngelGods of the Forsaken
127. 2000-11-14Morbid AngelHe Who Sleeps
128. 2000-11-14Morbid AngelHe Who Sleeps
129. 2000-11-07Morbid AngelAgeless, Still I am
130. 2000-11-07Morbid AngelAgeless, Still I am
131. 2000-10-31Morbid AngelI
132. 2000-10-31Morbid AngelI
133. 2000-10-24Morbid AngelSecured Limitations
134. 2000-10-24Morbid AngelSecured Limitations
135. 2000-10-10Morbid AngelAgeless, Still I am
136. 2000-10-10Morbid AngelAgeless, Still I am
137. 2000-09-18Morbid AngelSworn to the black
138. 2000-08-28Morbid AngelSworm the Black
139. 2000-07-24Morbid AngelSuffocation
140. 2000-07-03Morbid AngelAbomenations
141. 2000-06-05Morbid AngelCovenant of Death
142. 2000-05-15Morbid AngelCeasar's Palace
143. 2000-05-08Morbid AngelUmulamahri
144. 2000-05-01Morbid AngelSuffocation
145. 2000-03-27Morbid AngelGod of Emptiness
146. 2000-03-13Morbid AngelDay of Suffering
147. 2000-03-06Morbid AngelDays Suffering
148. 2000-01-24Morbid AngelNothing is Not
149. 2000-01-10Morbid AngelInvocation of the Continual One
150. 1999-11-22Morbid AngelImmortal Rites
151. 1999-11-08Morbid AngelCovenant of Death
152. 1999-11-01Morbid AngelAngel of Disease
153. 1999-09-20Morbid AngelWorld of Shit
154. 1999-08-30Morbid AngelDawn of the Angry
155. 1999-06-28Morbid AngelCaesar's Palace
156. 1999-05-24Morbid AngelHellspawn: the Rebirth
157. 1999-05-10Morbid AngelLion's Den
158. 1999-04-27Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark Side
159. 1999-03-22Morbid AngelWhere the Slime Live
160. 1997-11-10Morbid AngelLions Den
161. 1997-10-27Morbid AngelLion's Den
162. 1997-06-30Morbid AngelDay of Suffering
163. 1997-05-12Morbid AngelSuffocation
164. 1997-04-21Morbid AngelLoin's Den
165. 1997-02-24Morbid AngelBlessed are the Sick/Leading the Rats
166. 1996-09-30Morbid AngelImmortal Rites
167. 1996-09-09Morbid AngelImortal Rites
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