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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1171 playlist up with 50052 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-07-30Into EternityNowhere NearThe SirensSelf-Released
2. 2018-07-09Into Eternity4 This Frozen HellThe SirensSelf-Released
3. 2018-04-16Into EternityEmbraced by DesolationBuried in OblivionCentury Media
4. 2017-05-15Into EternityBeginning of the EndBuried in OblivionCentury Media
5. 2015-12-07Into EternityThe Incurable Tragedy III (December 15, 2007)The Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
6. 2014-09-22Into EternityThe Incurable Tragedy I (Septemeber 21, 2006)the Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
7. 2014-02-17Into EternitySelling GodDead or Dreamingcenturymedia
8. 2013-03-11Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)Dead or Dreamingcenturymedia
9. 2012-05-21Into EternityBuried In OblivionBuried in Oblivioncenturymedia
10. 2009-03-30Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)Dead or Dreamingcenturymedia
11. 2008-10-13Into EternityOne Funeral Hymm for ThreeBuried in Oblivioncenturymedia
12. 2008-10-06Into EternityTides of Bloodthe Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
13. 2008-09-29Into EternityTime Immemorialthe Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
14. 2008-09-15Into EternitySpent Years of RegretBuried in Oblivioncenturymedia
15. 2008-09-08Into EternityA Black Light EndingBuried in Oblivioncenturymedia
16. 2008-09-01Into EternityDiagnosis Terminalthe Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
17. 2008-04-21Into EternityTimeless WinterGigantour 2 - Various Artistsimage
18. 2007-12-24Into EternityBeginning of the EndBuried in Oblivioncenturymedia
19. 2007-01-08into eternitya past beyond memory
20. 2006-12-04into eternitysuspension of disbelief
21. 2006-11-27into eternitypain through breathing
22. 2006-11-06into eternityeternal
23. 2006-10-16into eternitysurrounded by night
24. 2006-10-09into eternitytimeless winter
25. 2006-10-02into eternitynothing
26. 2006-08-28into eternityabsolution of the soul
27. 2006-07-24into eternityelysiun dream
28. 2006-05-01into eternityUnholy (fields of the dead)
29. 2005-11-21into eternityburied in oblivion
30. 2005-10-17into eternityabsolution of the soul
31. 2005-08-01into eternityunholy (fields of the dead)
32. 2005-02-28into eternityunholy (fields of the dead)
33. 2004-10-18into eternityelysium dream
34. 2004-08-16into eternityspiraling into depression
35. 2004-08-09into eternityshallow
36. 2004-07-05into eternityimagination overdose
37. 2004-05-17into eternity3 dimensional aperture
38. 2004-04-19into eternityisolation
39. 2004-04-12into eternitypoint of uncertainty
40. 2004-04-05into eternityisolation
41. 2004-03-15into eternityblack sea of agony
42. 2004-03-08into eternitysprialling into epression
43. 2004-02-23into eternitypoint of uncertainty
44. 2004-02-16into eternityembraced by desolation
45. 2004-02-09into eternityembraced by desolation
46. 2004-02-02into eternityspiraling into depression
47. 2004-01-26into eternity3 dimensional aperture
48. 2003-12-22into eternityidentify
49. 2003-10-13into eternitysplintered visions (rough demo)
50. 2003-10-05into eternitysplintered visions
51. 2003-08-19Into EternityDead or Dreaming
52. 2003-08-05Into EternityFields of the Dead
53. 2003-05-27Into EternityFarewell
54. 2003-02-18Into EternityIdentify
55. 2003-02-11Into EternitySelling God
56. 2003-02-04Into EternitySelling God
57. 2003-01-28Into EternityIdentify
58. 2003-01-21Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)
59. 2003-01-07Into EternityAbsolution of the Soul
60. 2002-12-31Into EternityDead or Dreaming
61. 2002-12-24Into EternityImagination Overdose
62. 2002-12-17Into EternityAbsoltion of the Soul
63. 2002-12-10Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)
64. 2002-12-01Into EternityShallow
65. 2002-11-05Into EternityAbsolution of the Soul
66. 2002-10-29Into EternityAbsolution of the Soul
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