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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1311 playlist up with 55059 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-05-22Hate EternalBehold JudasI, MonarchEarache
2. 2022-12-19Hate EternalThe Creed Of Chaotic DivinityConquering The Throne
3. 2020-10-05Hate EternalNailed To ObscurityConquering The Throne
4. 2019-01-21HATE ETERNALWhat Lies Beyond 2496 HDUpon Desolate SandsSeason of Mist
5. 2017-06-05Hate EternalDarkness By OathConquering The Throne
6. 2017-04-03Hate EternalBorn By FireKing Of All Kingsearache
7. 2015-11-23Hate EternalZealot, Crusader Of WarInfernusseason_of_mist
8. 2015-08-31Hate EternalChaos TheoryInfernusseason_of_mist
9. 2015-08-24Hate EternalLa TempestadInfernusseason_of_mist
10. 2012-07-30Hate EternalKing of All KingsKing of All Kingsearache
11. 2010-01-11Hate EternalPath To The Eternal GodsI, Monarchearache
12. 2009-08-10Hate EternalKing of All KingsKing of All Kingswicked_world
13. 2007-08-20Hate EternalNailed to ObscurityConquering the Thronewicked_world
14. 2007-04-16Hate EternalSaturated in Dejection
15. 2006-02-13hate eternali, monarch
16. 2005-08-29hate eternaltwo demons
17. 2005-08-08hate eternalfaceless one
18. 2005-07-25hate eternalfaceless one
19. 2005-07-04hate eternaltwo demons
20. 2005-06-27hate eternalI, monarch
21. 2005-06-20hate eternalfaceless one
22. 2005-06-13hate eternalit is our will
23. 2005-05-30hate eternalthe plague of humanity
24. 2005-05-23hate eternalpath to the eternal gods
25. 2005-05-16hate eternalthe victorious reign
26. 2004-09-27hate eternalKing of All Kings
27. 2004-08-23hate eternalKing of All Kings
28. 2004-08-02hate eternalKing of All Kings
29. 2004-07-19hate eternalservants of the gods
30. 2004-06-28hate eternalbeyond redemption
31. 2004-06-21hate eternalKing of All Kings
32. 2004-06-14hate eternaldogma condemned
33. 2004-05-17hate eternalthe obscure terror
34. 2003-08-19Hate EternalKing of All Kings
35. 2003-04-15Hate EternalBorn in Fire
36. 2003-04-08Hate EternalDogma Condemned
37. 2003-03-11Hate EternalNailed to Obscurity
38. 2003-02-11Hate EternalBorn by Fire
39. 2003-01-07Hate EternalKing of All Kings
40. 2002-12-10Hate Eternalthe Obscure Terror
41. 2002-11-26Hate Eternalthe Obscure Terror
42. 2002-11-12Hate EternalKing of All Kings
43. 2002-11-05Hate EternalKing of All Kings
44. 2002-10-29Hate EternalBeyond Redemption
45. 2002-10-22Hate EternalThe Obscure Terror
46. 2002-10-08Hate EternalServants of the Gods
47. 2002-07-17Hate EternalNailed to Obscurity
48. 2002-05-28Hate EternalDethroned
49. 2002-02-26Hate EternalDogma Condemned
50. 2001-08-07Hate EternalDogma Condemned
51. 2001-08-07Hate EternalDogma Condemned
52. 2001-04-10Hate EternalBy His Own Decree
53. 2000-09-25Hate EternalBy his own Decree
54. 2000-07-24Hate EternalDarkness by Oath
55. 2000-04-03Hate EternalBy His own Decree
56. 2000-03-13Hate Eternalthe Creed of Chaotic Divinity
57. 2000-03-06Hate EternalBy His Own Decree
58. 2000-02-28Hate EternalDethroned
59. 2000-02-21Hate EternalDethroned
60. 2000-02-14Hate EternalDogma Condemned
61. 2000-02-07Hate EternalDarkness By Oath
62. 2000-01-10Hate EternalSOD
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