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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1300 playlist up with 54696 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-04-19Dimmu BorgirRaabjorn Speiler Draugheimens SkoddeGodless Savage GardenNuclear Blast Records
2. 2020-07-27Dimmu BorgirPuritaniaPuritanical Euphoric MisanthropiaNuclear Blast Records
3. 2020-05-11Dimmu BorgirBurn in HellPuritanical Euphoric MisanthropiaNuclear Blast Records
4. 2019-02-18Dimmu BorgirTormentor of Christian SoulsEnthrone Darkness TriumphantNuclear Blast Records
5. 2016-10-31Dimmu BorgirBurn in HellPuritanical Euphoric MisanthropiaNuclear Blast Records
6. 2016-10-03Dimmu BorgirKings Of Carnival Creation (Live At Ozzfest)Storblåst (Bonus DVD)
7. 2015-11-23Dimmu BorgirBurn In Hell (Twisted Sister)Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropianuclearblast
8. 2012-08-06Dimmu BorgirIn Death's EmbraceEnthrone Darkness Triumphantnuclearblast
9. 2011-07-11Dimmu BorgirDevil's PathPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropianuclearblast
10. 2011-01-10Dimmu BorgirPuritanicaPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropianuclearblast
11. 2010-11-08Dimmu BorgirChess With the AbyssAbrahadabranuclearblast
12. 2010-10-25Dimmu BorgirDimmu BorgirAbrahadabranuclearblast
13. 2010-05-10Dimmu BorgirEradication Instincts DefinedDeath Cult Armageddonnuclearblast
14. 2009-12-21Dimmu BorgirThe Sacreligious ScornIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
15. 2009-05-18Dimmu BorgirEradication Instincts DefinedDeath Cult Armageddonnuclearblast
16. 2009-04-20Dimmu BorgirA Succubus in RaptureEnthrone Darkness Triumphantnuclearblast
17. 2009-02-23Dimmu BorgirCataclysm ChildrenDeath Cult Armageddonnuclearblast
18. 2009-01-26Dimmu BorgirStormblastStormblastcacophonous
19. 2007-12-17Dimmu Borgirthe Serpentine OfferingIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
20. 2007-11-26Dimmu Borgirthe Serpentine OfferingIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
21. 2007-09-10Dimmu Borgirthe Conspiracy UnfoldsIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
22. 2007-08-27Dimmu Borgirthe Chosen LegacyIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
23. 2007-08-20Dimmu Borgirthe Sinister AwakeningIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
24. 2007-08-13Dimmu Borgirthe Serpentine OfferingIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
25. 2007-08-06Dimmu Borgirthe Invaluable DarknessIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
26. 2007-07-30Dimmu Borgirthe Heretic HammerIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
27. 2006-12-04dimmu borgirkings of carnival creation
28. 2006-06-05dimmu borgirspellbound by the devil
29. 2006-03-13dimmu borgirmourning palace (live)
30. 2006-03-06dimmu borgirkings of carnival creation
31. 2006-02-20dimmu borgiralt lyz er svunnet hen
32. 2006-02-13dimmu borgirbroderskapets ring
33. 2006-02-06dimmu borgirstormblast
34. 2006-01-23dimmu borgirstormblast
35. 2006-01-16dimmu borgirbroderskapets ring
36. 2006-01-09dimmu borgirstormblast
37. 2005-10-17dimmu borgirprogenies of the great apocalypse
38. 2005-09-26dimmu borgirdevil's path
39. 2005-06-20dimmu borgirthe blazing monoliths of defiance
40. 2004-12-06dimmu borgirunited in unhollowed grace
41. 2004-08-30dimmu borgirthe night masquerade
42. 2004-06-14dimmu borgirabsolute sole right
43. 2004-05-31dimmu borgirthe blazing monoliths of defiance
44. 2004-04-12dimmu borgira succubus in rapture
45. 2004-03-15dimmu borgirprogenies of the great apocalypse
46. 2004-01-26dimmu borgirthe blazing monoliths of defiance
47. 2004-01-19dimmu borgirin death embrace
48. 2004-01-05dimmu borgirking of carnival creation
49. 2003-12-29dimmu borgirunorthodox manifesto
50. 2003-11-24dimmu borgirEradication Instincts Defined
51. 2003-11-17dimmu borgirleeper's among us
52. 2003-11-10dimmu borgirallehlgens dod i helveds rike
53. 2003-11-03dimmu borgirprogenies of the great apocalypse
54. 2003-10-27dimmu borgirunorthodox manifesto
55. 2003-10-20dimmu borgirLeapers Among us
56. 2003-10-13dimmu borgirprogenies of the great apocalypse
57. 2003-10-05dimmu borgirfor the world to dictate our death
58. 2003-09-15dimmu borgirEradication Instincts Defined
59. 2003-09-09dimmu borgircataclysm children
60. 2003-09-02Dimmu BorgirProgenies of the Great Apocalypse
61. 2003-08-12Dimmu Borgirthe maelstrom manisto
62. 2003-07-15Dimmu Borgirindoctrination
63. 2003-07-08dimmu borgirIndoctrination
64. 2003-06-03Dimmu BorgirGrotesquery Concieled
65. 2002-10-15Dimmu BorgirDevil's Path
66. 2002-08-27Dimmu BorgirHybrid Stigmata
67. 2002-06-18Dimmu BorgirBlessing upon the Throne of Tyranny
68. 2002-05-21Dimmu BorgirDevil's Path
69. 2002-05-14Dimmu BorgirKings of Carnal Creation
70. 2002-04-09Dimmu BorgirPuritanica
71. 2002-03-26Dimmu BorgirPuritanica
72. 2002-01-08Dimmu BorgirDevil's Path
73. 2002-01-01Dimmu BorgirSuccubus in Rapture
74. 2001-12-18Dimmu BorgirAbsolute Sole Right
75. 2001-11-06Dimmu BorgirAbsolute Sole Righ
76. 2001-10-09Dimmu BorgirIndoctrination
77. 2001-09-04Dimmu BorgirGrotesquery Conceiled
78. 2001-09-04Dimmu BorgirGrotesquery Conceiled
79. 2001-08-21Dimmu BorgirAbsolute Sole Right
80. 2001-08-21Dimmu BorgirAbsolute Sole Right
81. 2001-08-07Dimmu BorgirArchitecture of Genocidal Nature
82. 2001-08-07Dimmu BorgirArchitecture of Genocidal Nature
83. 2001-07-11Dimmu BorgirKings of Carnival Creation
84. 2001-07-03Dimmu BorgirBlessing upon the Throne of Tyranny
85. 2001-06-26Dimmu BorgirPuritanica
86. 2001-06-19Dimmu BorgirDevil's Path
87. 2001-06-19Dimmu BorgirBlessings Upon the Throne of Tyranny
88. 2001-06-05Dimmu Borgirthe Maelstron Mefisto
89. 2001-05-29Dimmu BorgirHyrid Stigmata
90. 2001-05-22Dimmu BorgirBlessings Upon the Throne of Tyranny
91. 2001-05-15Dimmu BorgirPuritanica
92. 2001-05-08Dimmu BorgirHybrid Stigmata
93. 2001-05-01Dimmu BorgirPuritanica
94. 2001-04-17Dimmu BorgirAbsolute Sole Right
95. 2001-04-10Dimmu BorgirSymporium
96. 2001-04-03Dimmu BorgirDevil's Path
97. 2001-03-27Dimmu BorgirKins of Canival Creation
98. 2001-03-20Dimmu BorgirBlessing Upon the Throne of Tyranny
99. 2001-02-13Dimmu BorgirRelinguishment of Spirit & Flesh
100. 2000-12-25Dimmu BorgirEntrance
101. 2000-11-21Dimmu BorgirAsuccubus in Rapture
102. 2000-10-31Dimmu BorgirA Succubus in Rapture
103. 2000-10-31Dimmu BorgirA Succubus in Rapture
104. 2000-10-10Dimmu BorgirMasters of Disharmony (live)
105. 2000-10-10Dimmu BorgirMasters of Disharmony (live)
106. 2000-07-03Dimmu BorgirDaden Kristne Satte Livet Til
107. 2000-06-05Dimmu BorgirBrodekapets Ring
108. 2000-05-29Dimmu BorgirGuds Fortapelse
109. 2000-05-22Dimmu BorgirNar sjelen Hetes Til Helvete
110. 2000-05-15Dimmu BorgirRaabbjorn Speiler Braugheimens Skodde
111. 2000-03-13Dimmu BorgirRaaborn Speiler Draugheimen
112. 2000-03-06Dimmu Borgirthe Insight & the Chatharsis
113. 2000-02-28Dimmu BorgirSpell bound by the Devil
114. 2000-01-24Dimmu BorgirNocturnal Fear
115. 1999-12-13Dimmu BorgirMorning Palace
116. 1999-12-06Dimmu BorgirTormentor of christian Souls
117. 1999-09-27Dimmu Borgirthe Insight and the Catharsis
118. 1999-09-20Dimmu BorgirA succubus in Rapture
119. 1999-08-23Dimmu Borgirthe Nightmasquerade
120. 1999-08-02Dimmu BorgirSpellbound by the devil
121. 1999-05-31Dimmu BorgirArcane Lifeforse Mysteria
122. 1999-05-17Dimmu BorgirThe Blazing Monoliths of Defiance
123. 1999-05-10Dimmu BorgirGrotesque Conceiled
124. 1999-04-20Dimmu BorgirUnited in Unhallowed Grace
125. 1999-03-29Dimmu BorgirGrotesquely Conceiled (within Measureless Magic)
126. 1997-09-01Dimmu BorgirEntrance
127. 1997-08-25Dimmu BorgirPredence's Fall
128. 1997-08-18Dimmu Borgirthe night masquarade
129. 1997-08-04Dimmu BorgirEntrance
130. 1997-07-21Dimmu BorgirMaster of Disharmony
131. 1997-07-14Dimmu BorgirSpellbound (by the devil)
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