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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1160 playlist up with 49506 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-09-02Brutal TruthKill Trend SuicideGoodbye Cruel World, Disc 2Relapse Records
2. 2018-10-15Brutal TruthStench of ProfitExtreme Conditions Demand Extreme ResponsesCombat Records
3. 2018-08-06Brutal TruthDenial of ExistenceExtreme Conditions Demand Extreme ResponsesCombat Records
4. 2017-08-14Brutal TruthK.A.P.Goodbye Cruel World, Disc 1Relapse Records
5. 2017-03-13Brutal TruthWalking CorpseExtreme Conditions Demand Extreme ResponsesCombat Records
6. 2016-05-16Brutal TruthBite the HandGoodbye Cruel World, Disc 2Relapse Records
7. 2014-06-16Brutal TruthTurmoilEvolution Through Revolutionrelapse
8. 2012-06-04Brutal TruthCollateral DamageVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
9. 2012-06-04Brutal TruthBlockheadVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
10. 2012-01-09Brutal TruthButcherEnd Timerelapse
11. 2011-11-21Brutal TruthButcherEnd Timerelapse
12. 2011-11-07Brutal TruthLotteryEnd Timerelapse
13. 2011-10-17Brutal TruthOld World OrderEnd Timerelapse
14. 2011-10-10Brutal TruthEnd TimeEnd Timerelapse
15. 2011-09-26Brutal TruthEnd TimeEnd Timerelapse
16. 2011-05-30Brutal TruthDenial Of ExistenceExtreme Conditions Demand Extereme Responsesearache
17. 2010-06-21Brutal TruthKill Trend SuicideGoodbye Cruel Worldrelapse
18. 2009-12-28Brutal TruthDenial Of ExistenceExtreme Conditions Demand Extereme Responsesearache
19. 2009-06-29Brutal TruthOn the HuntEvolution Through Revolutionrelapse
20. 2009-05-18Brutal TruthI See RedNeed to Controlearache
21. 2009-05-04Brutal TruthEvolution Through RevolutionEvolution Through Revolutionrelapse
22. 2009-04-20Brutal TruthAfterwoldEvolution Through Revolutionrelapse
23. 2009-04-13Brutal TruthSugardaddyEvolution Through Revolutionrelapse
24. 2009-04-06Brutal TruthWar is GoodEvolution Through Revolutionrelapse
25. 2009-01-26Brutal TruthPerpetual ConversionPerpetual Conversionearache
26. 2007-12-17Brutal TruthSpare ChangeGoodbye Cruel Worldrelapse
27. 2007-06-25Brutal TruthStench of Prophet
28. 2007-05-28Brutal TruthPork Farm
29. 2007-05-21Brutal TruthAverage People
30. 2007-05-07brutal truthstench of the prophet
31. 2006-12-25brutal truthstench of the prophet
32. 2006-05-29brutal truthwalking corpse
33. 2006-03-20brutal truthcollateral damage
34. 2006-03-13brutal truthi see red
35. 2006-01-02brutal truthstench of prophet
36. 2005-12-05brutal truthstench of prophet
37. 2005-04-11brutal truthfisting (live)
38. 2005-03-21brutal truthwalking corpse (live)
39. 2005-02-28brutal truthwalking corpse
40. 2005-01-10brutal truthpass some down
41. 2004-12-13brutal truthcollapse
42. 2004-12-06brutal truthwalking dead
43. 2004-06-07brutal truthdead smart
44. 2003-07-08Brutal TruthTime
45. 2003-02-18Brutal TruthVision
46. 2002-07-23Brutal TruthStench of Prophet
47. 2001-08-07Brutal TruthWalking Corpse
48. 2001-08-07Brutal TruthWalking Corpse
49. 2000-04-24Brutal Truthgod Player
50. 2000-02-07Brutal TruthDead Smart
51. 1999-11-08Brutal TruthSoftmind
52. 1999-11-01Brutal TruthBorn to Die
53. 1999-10-18Brutal TruthBlind Leading the Blind (live)
54. 1999-10-11Brutal TruthChoice of a new Generation
55. 1999-09-20Brutal TruthPostulate them Liberate
56. 1999-07-26Brutal TruthDead Smart
57. 1999-06-14Brutal TruthDead Smart
58. 1997-11-10Brutal TruthDementia
59. 1997-11-03Brutal TruthSympathy Kiss
60. 1997-10-27Brutal TruthPromise
61. 1997-10-20Brutal TruthAverage People
62. 1997-09-01Brutal TruthWalking Corpse
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