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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1310 playlist up with 55024 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-02-07Sam Black ChurchWe Are the BastardsThat Which Does Not Kill Us...
2. 2021-01-18Sam Black ChurchDen of IniquityLet In Life
3. 2021-01-11Sam Black ChurchWe Come in PeaceBlack ComedyWonderdrug Records
4. 2018-03-12Sam Black ChurchNinth CircleSuperchristTaang! Records
5. 2018-03-05Sam Black ChurchRe-aliveLet in Lifetaang
6. 2017-06-12Sam Black ChurchSatisfactionBlack ComedyWonderdrug Records
7. 2016-09-26Sam Black ChurchComaThat Which Does Not Kill Us...untangled
8. 2016-07-04Sam Black ChurchBig BarbequeLet In Life
9. 2016-05-09Sam Black ChurchSheer Heart AttackSuperchristTaang! Records
10. 2013-12-23Sam Black ChurchInfernal MachineBoston LPtaang
11. 2013-06-03Sam Black ChurchWe are the BastardsThat which does not kill us makes us strongeruntangled
12. 2012-08-06Sam Black ChurchNot Fit For The ForceBlack Comedywonderdrug
13. 2011-12-05Sam Black ChurchRe-aliveLet in Lifetaang
14. 2011-07-11Sam Black ChurchCaptain of the WorldLet in Lifetaang
15. 2010-10-11Sam Black ChurchRe-aliveLet in Lifetaang
16. 2010-09-20Sam Black ChurchLocked Unit '98Various Artists - Wonderdrug: UpThe Dosagewonderdrug
17. 2009-03-30Sam Black ChurchWe Got the YouthThat which does not kill us makes us strongeruntangled
18. 2008-04-21Sam Black ChurchRe-aliveLet in Lifetaang
19. 2007-09-24Sam Black ChurchComaThat which does not kill us makes us strongeruntangled
20. 2007-09-17Sam Black ChurchBig BarbaqueLet in Lifetaang
21. 2007-07-30Sam Black ChurchGuardian of Hopes and DreamsLet in Lifetaang
22. 2007-01-15Sam Black ChurchGuardian of Hopes and Dreams
23. 2006-09-18Sam Black Churchthe right fuel
24. 2006-07-17Sam Black Churchnot fit for the force
25. 2006-03-27Sam Black ChurchGuardian of Hopes and Dreams
26. 2004-12-06Sam Black ChurchBig Barbaque
27. 2004-05-10Sam Black Churchre-alive
28. 2003-08-19Sam Black ChurchCaptain of the World
29. 2003-04-29Sam Black ChurchRe-alive
30. 2001-12-25Sam Black ChurchSome Track
31. 2001-11-20Sam Black ChurchWe are the Bastards
32. 2000-09-12Sam Black ChurchNew God Science
33. 2000-08-21Sam Black ChurchDelay and Doolittle
34. 2000-08-14Sam Black Churchthe Ballard of Iron O'rourke
35. 2000-07-17Sam Black ChurchJesco (the dancing Outlaw)
36. 2000-07-17Sam Black ChurchJesco (the dancing Outlaw)
37. 1997-11-17Sam Black ChurchJesco (the Dancing outlaw)
38. 1997-10-20Sam Black ChurchJesco (the dancing outlaw)
39. 1997-10-13Sam Black ChurchJesco (the Dancing Outlaw)
40. 1997-06-09Sam Black ChurchCaptain of the World
41. 1996-09-30Sam Black Church#5
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