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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1176 playlist up with 50250 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-08-17Old Man's ChildManet Sorgfull Igjennom SkogenIn the Shades of Life
2. 2018-02-19Old Man's ChildWhat Malice EmbraceBlackend 3, Disc 2Regga
3. 2017-06-12Old Man's ChildManet Sorgfull Igjennom SkognSons of Satan Gather for Attackhammerheart
4. 2016-10-03Old Man's ChildUnholy Foreign CrusadeSlaves of the WorldCentury Media Records
5. 2015-10-26Old Man's ChildSaviours Of DoomSlaves of the Worldcenturymedia
6. 2015-08-10Old Man's ChildSt. Aidens FallIn The Shades Of Life
7. 2015-03-09Old Man's ChildThe Plague Of SorrowVermincenturymedia
8. 2014-11-03Old Man's ChildDemoniacal PossessionIll-Natured Spiritual Invasioncenturyblack
9. 2012-07-16Old Man's Childthe Spawn of the Lost CreationSlaves of the Worldcenturymedia
10. 2011-07-11Old Man's ChildGod of ImpietyIll-Natured Spiritual Invasioncenturyblack
11. 2010-09-06Old Man's ChildFall of ManIll-Natured Spiritual Invasioncenturyblack
12. 2009-06-08Old Man's ChildThe Crimson MeadowsSlaves of the Worldcenturymedia
13. 2009-06-01Old Man's ChildFerden Mot Fiedens LandSlaves of the Worldcenturymedia
14. 2009-05-25Old Man's Childthe Spawn of the Lost CreationSlaves of the Worldcenturymedia
15. 2009-05-18Old Man's ChildThe Crimson MeadowsSlaves of the Worldcenturymedia
16. 2008-11-03Old Man's ChildFall of ManIll-Natured Spiritual Invasioncenturyblack
17. 2008-02-11Old Man's ChildFall of ManIll-Natured Spiritual Invasioncenturyblack
18. 2007-01-22old man's childfall of man
19. 2007-01-08old man's childgod of impiety
20. 2006-10-16old man's childfall of man
21. 2005-02-14old man's childblack seeds on virgin soil
22. 2004-05-31old man's childblack sees on virgin soil
23. 2004-01-05old man's childgod of impurity
24. 2003-08-12Old Man's Childblack seed on virgin soil
25. 2003-05-20Old Man's Childthe under world Domains
26. 2003-05-06old man's Childblack seeds on virgin soil
27. 2003-04-29Old Man's Childthe Underworld Domains
28. 2003-04-22Old Man's ChildFelonies of the Christian Art
29. 2003-04-15Old Man's ChildLife Deprived
30. 2003-04-08Old Man's Childin Defiance of Existance
31. 2003-04-01Old Man's ChildSacrifice of Vengeance
32. 2003-03-18Old Man's ChildFelonies of Christian Art
33. 2003-01-14Old Man's ChildDemonical Possession
34. 2002-05-07Old Man's Childunholy vivid Innocence
35. 2002-01-29Old Man's Childthe dream Ghost
36. 2001-07-24Old Man's ChildOsculum Obscenum
37. 2001-07-24Old Man's ChildOsculum Obscenum
38. 2001-07-17Old Man's ChildFall of Man
39. 2001-05-29Old Man's Child#8
40. 2001-05-15Old Man's Childin Black Enless Void
41. 2001-03-06Old Man's ChildGod of Impiety
42. 2001-01-23Old Man's Childtrack??
43. 2000-07-03Old Man's ChildObscure Devine Manifestation
44. 2000-06-26Old Man's ChildObscure Divine Manifestation
45. 2000-06-19Old Man's Childin the Black endless Void
46. 2000-06-12Old Man's Child#4
47. 2000-02-21Old Man's Child#9 (3)
48. 2000-01-24Old Man's ChildMy Kingdom will Come
49. 2000-01-17Old Man's ChildSeeds of the Ancient Gods
50. 2000-01-10Old Man's Childthe Millenium King
51. 1999-09-20Old Man's ChildWhat malice Embrace
52. 1999-07-19Old man's ChildWhat Malice Embrace
53. 1999-05-17Old Man's ChildWhat Make Embrace
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