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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1301 playlist up with 54728 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-01-16Misery IndexFed To The WolvesHeirs To ThieveryRelapse Records
2. 2022-03-28Misery IndexReality DistortionMisery Index/Commit SuicideWillowtip Records
3. 2019-03-11Misery Index05 Hammering the NailsRituals Of PowerSeason of Mist
4. 2019-01-07MISERY INDEXMisery Index - 08 Gallows HumorThe Killing GodsSeason of Mist
5. 2018-11-26Misery IndexMy Untold ApocalypseMisery Index/Commit SuicideWillowtip Records
6. 2018-03-19Misery IndexThe Lies That BindRetaliateNuclear Blast
7. 2017-07-03Misery IndexTraitorsTraitorsRelapse Records
8. 2015-07-20Misery IndexYour Pain is NothingOverthrowanarchos
9. 2014-07-28Misery IndexConjuring The CullThe Killing Godsseason_of_mist
10. 2014-07-14Misery IndexCross To BearThe Killing Godsseason_of_mist
11. 2014-06-16Misery IndexConjuring The CullThe Killing Godsseason_of_mist
12. 2014-03-17Misery IndexPulling Out the NailsOverthrowanarchos
13. 2012-03-19Misery IndexTraitorsTraitorsrelapse
14. 2010-09-27Misery IndexMeet RealityDiscordiarelapse
15. 2010-09-20Misery IndexThe Great DepressionRetaliatenuclearblast
16. 2010-09-13Misery IndexBlood On Their HandsOverthrowanarchos
17. 2010-07-19Misery IndexHeirs To ThieveryHeirs To Thieveryrelapse
18. 2010-06-21Misery IndexPlague Of ObjectsHeirs To Thieveryrelapse
19. 2010-06-14Misery IndexYou LoseHeirs To Thieveryrelapse
20. 2010-06-07Misery IndexThe Seventh CavalryHeirs To Thieveryrelapse
21. 2010-05-31Misery IndexFed To The WolvesHeirs To Thieveryrelapse
22. 2010-05-24Misery IndexHeirs To ThieveryHeirs To Thieveryrelapse
23. 2010-05-17Misery IndexThe Carrion CallHeirs To Thieveryrelapse
24. 2010-02-15Misery IndexTheocracyTraitorsrelapse
25. 2009-05-11Misery IndexAlive?Splitwillowtip
26. 2009-05-04Misery IndexPulling Out the NailsOverthrowanarchos
27. 2009-02-23Misery IndexTheocracyTraitorsrelapse
28. 2008-11-17Misery IndexAmerican IdolatryTraitorsrelapse
29. 2008-11-03Misery IndexTheocracyTraitorsrelapse
30. 2008-10-27Misery IndexThrown into the SunTraitorsrelapse
31. 2008-10-13Misery Indexthe ArbiterTraitorsrelapse
32. 2008-10-06Misery IndexTraitorsTraitorsrelapse
33. 2008-09-29Misery IndexRuling Class CancelledTraitorsrelapse
34. 2008-07-21Misery IndexSensory DeprivationDiscordiarelapse
35. 2008-03-10Misery IndexconquistadoresDiscordiarelapse
36. 2007-05-14misery indexoutsourcing jehovah
37. 2007-02-12Misery IndexPulling on the Nails
38. 2006-06-26misery indexunmarked graves
39. 2006-06-19misery indexmeet reality
40. 2006-06-12misery indexmedusa stare
41. 2006-06-05misery indexconquistadoresDiscordiarelapse
42. 2006-05-29misery indexconquistadoresDiscordiarelapse
43. 2006-05-22misery indexoutsourcing jehovah
44. 2006-04-24misery indexbreathing pestilence
45. 2006-03-06misery indexthe imperial ambition
46. 2005-11-21misery indexpulling out the nails
47. 2005-08-01misery indexmy untold apocalypse
48. 2005-01-10misery indexpulling out the nails
49. 2004-07-05misery indexpulling out the nails
50. 2004-06-14misery indexdemand the imposible
51. 2004-01-19misery indexpulling out the nails
52. 2003-10-27misery indexorder upheld/dissent dissolved
53. 2003-10-13misery indexhistory is rotten
54. 2003-09-29misery indexdemand the impossible
55. 2003-09-22misery indexthe unbridgeable chasm
56. 2003-09-15misery indexthe great depression
57. 2003-09-02Misery IndexBottom Feeders
58. 2003-08-26Misery Indexthe Lies that Bind
59. 2003-08-19Misery Indexthe unbrigable chasm
60. 2003-08-12Misery Indexangst isst die seele
61. 2003-05-20Misery IndexManufacturing Greed
62. 2003-02-11Misery IndexAlive?
63. 2003-02-04Misery IndexReality Distorted
64. 2003-01-21Misery IndexPulling on the Nails
65. 2002-12-24Misery IndexReality Destorion
66. 2002-12-10Misery IndexReality Distortion (disrupt cover)
67. 2002-07-17Misery IndexManufacturing Greed
68. 2002-04-09Misery IndexManufacturing Greed
69. 2002-04-02Misery IndexYour Pain is Nothing
70. 2002-03-19Misery IndexPulling out the Nails
71. 2002-03-12Misery IndexManufacturing Greed
72. 2002-03-05Misery IndexBlood on their Hands
73. 2002-03-05Misery IndexBlood on their Hands
74. 2002-01-29Misery IndexPulling Out the Nails
75. 1997-10-13Misery Indexit's all yours
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