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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1238 playlist up with 52574 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-10-11Malevolent CreationCarnivorous MisgivingsStillbornRoadrunner
2. 2021-06-21Malevolent CreationViral ReleaseEnvenomedArctic
3. 2021-06-07Malevolent CreationSlaughterhouseInvidious DominionNuclear Blast GmbH
4. 2020-10-26Malevolent CreationLeechIn Cold Blood
5. 2020-08-24Malevolent CreationTo KillEternalPavement Records
6. 2019-02-11Malevolent CreationCanvas Of FleshThe 13th BeastM-Theory Audio
7. 2018-12-03Malevolent CreationSupremacy Through AnnihilationWarkultNuclear Blast Records
8. 2018-08-27Malevolent Creation04.HalvedEnvenomed
9. 2018-08-06Malevolent CreationDissect the EradicatedFine Art of MurderPavement Music
10. 2018-07-09Malevolent CreationThou Shall Kill!The Ten CommandmentsRoadrunner Records
11. 2018-04-09Malevolent CreationThe Fine Art of MurderLive at the Whisky A Go Go LiveMassacre
12. 2018-02-05Malevolent CreationDecadence WithinThe Ten CommandmentsRoadrunner Records
13. 2017-03-27Malevolent CreationNarcotic GenocideIn Cold Blood
14. 2017-02-20Malevolent CreationSlaughter Of InnocenceRetribution
15. 2017-01-23Malevolent CreationThou Shall KillíThe ten CommandentsCentury Media Records
16. 2015-12-27Malevolent Creation12th ProphecyDead Man's PathCentury Media Records
17. 2015-10-12Malevolent CreationNight Of The Long KnivesEnvenomedarctic
18. 2015-09-21Malevolent CreationSoul RazorDead Man's Pathcenturymedia
19. 2015-09-14Malevolent CreationBlood Of The FallenDead Man's Pathcenturymedia
20. 2015-06-29Malevolent CreationRemnants of Wither DecayThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
21. 2014-12-08Malevolent CreationViolent OffspringDemo I
22. 2014-09-08Malevolent CreationInjected SufferingDemo I
23. 2014-06-23Malevolent CreationSlaughter the InnocenceRetributionroadrunner
24. 2014-05-05Malevolent CreationMultiple Stab WoundsThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
25. 2014-04-28Malevolent CreationInjected SufferageThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
26. 2014-04-07Malevolent CreationSacrificial AnnihilationThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
27. 2013-12-30Malevolent CreationCoronation of Our DomainRetributionroadrunner
28. 2013-12-09Malevolent CreationRemnants of Wither DecayThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
29. 2013-12-02Malevolent CreationPremature BurialThe Ten Commandmentspavement
30. 2013-10-14Malevolent CreationImpaled ExistenceRetributionroadrunner
31. 2013-04-15Malevolent CreationSacrificial AnnihilationThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
32. 2013-03-18Malevolent CreationDecadence WithinVarious Artists: At Death's Doorroadrunner
33. 2013-01-14Malevolent CreationHideous ReprisalEternalpavement
34. 2012-10-08Malevolent CreationThou Shall Kill!The Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
35. 2012-09-03Malevolent CreationCoronation of Our DomainRetributionroadrunner
36. 2012-04-02Malevolent CreationMultiple Stab WoundsThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
37. 2012-02-06Malevolent CreationInjected SufferageThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
38. 2011-09-19Malevolent CreationThou Shall Kill!The Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
39. 2011-07-25Malevolent CreationSacrificial AnnihilationThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
40. 2011-01-10Malevolent CreationInvidious DominionInvidious Dominionnuclearblast
41. 2010-11-29Malevolent CreationBorn Again HardInvidious Dominionnuclearblast
42. 2010-11-08Malevolent CreationUnited HateInvidious Dominionnuclearblast
43. 2010-11-01Malevolent CreationTarget Rich EnvironmentInvidious Dominionnuclearblast
44. 2010-10-25Malevolent CreationSlaughterhouseInvidious Dominionnuclearblast
45. 2010-05-24Malevolent CreationThou Shall Kill!The Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
46. 2010-01-25Malevolent CreationThou Shall Kill!The Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
47. 2009-12-07Malevolent CreationThou Shall Kill!The Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
48. 2009-08-24Malevolent CreationMonsterRetributionroadrunner
49. 2009-05-11Malevolent CreationThou Shall Kill!The Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
50. 2009-02-09Malevolent CreationSlaughter the InnocenceRetributionpavement
51. 2009-01-19Malevolent CreationCoronation of Our DomainRetributionroadrunner
52. 2008-08-25Malevolent CreationNo SalvationEternalpavement
53. 2008-06-02Malevolent CreationAlliance or WarEternalpavement
54. 2008-05-19Malevolent CreationCoronation of Our DomainRetributionpavement
55. 2008-05-05Malevolent CreationNo SalvationEternalpavement
56. 2007-05-28Malevolent CreationPiece by Piece
57. 2005-08-01Malevolent Creationblood brothers
58. 2005-07-18Malevolent CreationThou Shall Kill!
59. 2005-06-20Malevolent Creationto kill
60. 2004-12-20Malevolent Creationto kill
61. 2004-10-18Malevolent CreationNo Salvation
62. 2004-09-06Malevolent Creationdecadence within
63. 2004-07-26Malevolent Creationliving in fear
64. 2004-04-05Malevolent CreationNo Salvation
65. 2004-03-15Malevolent Creationsuperior firepower
66. 2003-11-03Malevolent Creationsadistic peversity
67. 2003-05-13Malevolent CreationDecadence Within
68. 2003-01-28Malevolent CreationRebirth of Terror
69. 2003-01-07Malevolent CreationPilage and Burn
70. 2002-12-31Malevolent CreationSuperior Firepower
71. 2002-12-24Malevolent Creationthe Cardinal's Law
72. 2002-12-17Malevolent CreationRebirth of Terror
73. 2002-12-10Malevolent CreationWill to Kill
74. 2002-12-01Malevolent CreationAssasin Squad
75. 2002-11-26Malevolent CreationWith Murderous Pecision
76. 2002-11-12Malevolent CreationAll that Remains
77. 2002-11-05Malevolent CreationLifeblood
78. 2002-09-10Malevolent CreationAlliance or WAr
79. 2002-05-07Malevolent CreationRemnants of Wither Decay
80. 2002-02-11Malevolent CreationDecadence Within
81. 2001-10-09Malevolent Creationto die at hand
82. 2001-09-04Malevolent CreationThou Shall Kill!
83. 2001-09-04Malevolent CreationThou Shall Kill!
84. 2001-05-29Malevolent CreationPiece by Piece
85. 2001-04-17Malevolent CreationBlood Brother
86. 2001-02-13Malevolent CreationDissect the Eradicated
87. 1999-12-27Malevolent CreationNo Flesh Shall Be Spared
88. 1999-11-22Malevolent CreationEve of the Apocalypse
89. 1999-09-27Malevolent CreationRaining Blood
90. 1999-05-31Malevolent CreationSadistic Perversity
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