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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1311 playlist up with 55059 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-11-04Lamb Of GodDelusion PandemicVIINuclear Blast Records
2. 2016-05-02Lamb of GodLaid to RestAshes of the WakeEpic
3. 2016-04-11Lamb of GodPurifiedAs the Palaces BurnProsthetic
4. 2016-03-28Lamb Of GodEmbersVIINuclear Blast Records
5. 2016-02-29Lamb of GodIn Defense of Our Good NameAs the Palaces BurnProsthetic
6. 2016-02-08Lamb of GodAs the Palaces BurnAs the Palaces BurnProsthetic
7. 2016-02-01Lamb of GodBlood of the ScribeAshes of the WakeEpic
8. 2016-01-04Lamb of GodOne GunAshes of the WakeEpic
9. 2015-08-03Lamb of God512VII: Sturm Und Drangnuclearblast
10. 2014-10-13Lamb of GodPariahNew American Gospelroadrunner
11. 2014-09-08Lamb of GodWalk With Me In HellSacrementepic
12. 2014-08-11Lamb of GodPatheticSacrementprosthetic
13. 2011-09-19Lamb of GodLaid To RestAshes of the Wakeepic
14. 2010-07-26Lamb of GodHourglassAshes of the Wakeepic
15. 2009-03-02Lamb of GodSet to FailWrathepic
16. 2009-01-19Lamb of GodSet to FailWrathepic
17. 2008-07-21Lamb of GodNow You got Something to Die for (live)Walk with me in Hellepic
18. 2008-07-14Lamb of GodLaid to RestAshes of the Wakeepic
19. 2008-04-28Lamb of Godnow you've got something to die forGigantour 2 - Various Artistsimage
20. 2007-10-29Lamb of GodOmertaAshes of the Wakeepic
21. 2007-07-16Lamb of GodHourglassAshes of the Wakeepic
22. 2007-04-23Lamb of GodLetter to the Unborn
23. 2006-08-28Lamb of Goddescending
24. 2006-08-07Lamb of Godredneck
25. 2006-07-03Lamb of GodHourglass
26. 2006-06-19Lamb of Godthe faded line
27. 2006-06-05Lamb of Godthe black dahlia
28. 2006-03-06Lamb of Godblack label
29. 2006-01-30Lamb of Godpariah (live)
30. 2006-01-16Lamb of Godbloodletting
31. 2006-01-09Lamb of GodHourglass (live)
32. 2006-01-02Lamb of Godpariah (live)
33. 2005-12-12Lamb of Godblack dahlia
34. 2005-09-12Lamb of Godnow you've got something to die for
35. 2005-07-18Lamb of Godlaid to rest
36. 2005-07-04Lamb of GodHourglass (live)
37. 2005-06-27Lamb of Godnow you got something to die for (live)
38. 2005-06-27Lamb of Godnow you got something to die for (live)
39. 2005-06-20Lamb of Godlaid to rest
40. 2004-11-29Lamb of GodHourglass
41. 2004-11-01Lamb of GodHourglass
42. 2004-10-25Lamb of Godbreak you
43. 2004-10-18Lamb of Godthe faded line
44. 2004-10-11Lamb of GodHourglass
45. 2004-10-04Lamb of Godlaid to waste
46. 2004-09-27Lamb of Godone gun
47. 2004-09-20Lamb of Godblood of the scribe
48. 2004-09-13Lamb of Godthe fadded line
49. 2004-09-06Lamb of GodHourglass
50. 2004-06-07Lamb of God11th hour
51. 2004-05-17Lamb of God11th hour
52. 2004-04-12Lamb of God11th hour
53. 2004-03-22Lamb of Godin the absence of the sacred
54. 2003-12-15Lamb of Godblack label
55. 2003-11-17Lamb of Godpariah
56. 2003-10-20Lamb of Godthe black dahlia
57. 2003-09-15Lamb of Godparriah
58. 2003-08-12Lamb of Goda devil in god's country
59. 2003-07-29Lamb of Godfor your malice
60. 2003-07-22Lamb of GodPurified
61. 2003-07-15Lamb of GodBlood Junkie
62. 2003-07-08Lamb of GodBlack label
63. 2003-06-03Lamb of GodAs the Palace Burns
64. 2003-05-27Lamb of God11th Hour
65. 2003-05-20Lamb of GodRuin
66. 2003-05-06Lamb of Godin defense of our good name
67. 2003-04-29Lamb of GodDevil in God's Country
68. 2003-04-22Lamb of GodRuin
69. 2003-04-15Lamb of God11th hour
70. 2002-05-21Lamb of GodA warning
71. 2002-04-02Lamb of GodLetter to the unborn
72. 2002-02-11Lamb of GodLetter to the Unborn
73. 2001-02-20Lamb of Godin the Absence of the Sacred
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