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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1174 playlist up with 50179 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-02-03God DethronedBook of LiesIlluminatiMetal Blade Records
2. 2019-04-01God DethronedClose to VictoryThe World AblazeMetal Blade Records
3. 2019-01-21God DethronedThe Art Of ImmolationThe Grand Grimoire
4. 2018-06-11God DethronedSigma EnigmaThe Lair of the White WormMetal Blade Records
5. 2017-10-30God DethronedPoison FogPassiondaleMetal Blade
6. 2017-07-10God DethronedClose to VictoryThe World AblazeMetal Blade Records
7. 2017-05-08God DethronedThe World AblazeThe World AblazeMetal Blade Records
8. 2016-12-05God DethronedThe Somberness of WinterSmells like Team Spirit II - various artistsdispleased
9. 2016-07-04God DethronedSwallow the SpikesRavenousMetal Blade Records
10. 2015-09-14God DethronedAutumn Equinox - Winter Campaign 2002Ravenousmetalblade
11. 2015-06-08God DethronedInto a Dark MilleniumThe Grand Grimoiremetalblade
12. 2015-05-11God DethronedTypoid MaryThe Toxic Touchmetalblade
13. 2015-05-04God DethronedSlaughtering the FaithfulInto the Lungs Of Hellmetalblade
14. 2015-01-05God Dethroned2014The Toxic Touchmetalblade
15. 2013-05-13God DethronedPoison FogPassiondalemetalblade
16. 2011-10-17God DethronedUnder a Silver MoonThe Grand Grimoiremetalblade
17. 2011-07-18God DethronedCadaversAncient Onescoldblood_industries
18. 2010-12-27God DethronedCadaversAncient Onescoldblood_industries
19. 2010-05-03God DethronedInto the Lungs Of HellInto the Lungs Of Hellmetalblade
20. 2009-12-21God DethronedUnder a Silver MoonThe Grand Grimoiremetalblade
21. 2009-06-08God DethronedDrowning in MudPassiondalemetalblade
22. 2009-06-01God DethronedUnder A Darkening SkyPassiondalemetalblade
23. 2009-05-25God DethronedPoison FogPassiondalemetalblade
24. 2009-05-18God DethronedUnder A Darkening SkyPassiondalemetalblade
25. 2009-04-20God DethronedUnder a Silver MoonThe Grand Grimoiremetalblade
26. 2007-12-17God DethronedThe Somberness of WinterSmells like Team Spirit II - various artistsdispleased
27. 2007-09-10God DethronedBoiling BloodBloody Blasphemymetalblade
28. 2007-05-07God Dethroned#5
29. 2007-01-22God DethronedThe Somberness of Winter
30. 2007-01-08God Dethronedon wings of pestilence
31. 2007-01-01God Dethronedhating life
32. 2006-12-25God Dethronedtyphoid mary
33. 2006-12-18God Dethronedmacabre world
34. 2006-12-04God Dethronedhating life
35. 2006-11-27God Dethronedthe day you died
36. 2006-11-20God Dethronedon wings of pestilence
37. 2006-11-06God Dethronedthe day you died
38. 2006-10-30God Dethronedfalling down
39. 2006-10-09God Dethroneda view of ages
40. 2005-12-12God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
41. 2005-03-21God Dethronedsigma enigma
42. 2005-03-14God Dethronedarch enemy spain
43. 2005-02-21God Dethronedarch enemy spain
44. 2005-02-14God Dethronedsalt in your wounds
45. 2005-01-31God Dethronedrusty nails
46. 2005-01-24God Dethronedsigma enigma
47. 2005-01-17God Dethronedcadavers
48. 2004-08-09God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
49. 2004-06-07God Dethronedthe warcult
50. 2003-08-19God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
51. 2003-05-20God Dethronedthe Tomstone
52. 2003-05-06God Dethronedslaughtering the failthful
53. 2003-04-29God DethronedEnemy of the State
54. 2003-04-15God DethronedSlaughtering the Faithful
55. 2003-04-08God DethronedSoul Sweeper
56. 2003-04-01God DethronedEnemy of the State
57. 2003-03-25God Dethronedthe Warcult
58. 2003-02-25God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
59. 2002-09-03God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
60. 2002-06-11God DethronedPoision Apple
61. 2002-03-26God Dethronedthe Poison apple
62. 2002-01-08God DethronedCadavers
63. 2002-01-04God DethronedThe Somberness of Winter
64. 2002-01-01God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
65. 2001-09-25God Dethroned#1
66. 2001-07-31God DethronedMorbid Rites
67. 2001-07-31God DethronedMorbid Rites
68. 2001-07-24God DethronedNecrolust
69. 2001-07-24God DethronedNecrolust
70. 2001-07-17God DethronedGod Dethroned
71. 2001-06-26God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
72. 2001-06-19God DethronedSomberness of Winter
73. 2001-05-29God DethronedRavenous
74. 2001-05-22God Dethronedthe Poison Apple/Eve
75. 2001-05-15God Dethronedthe iconoclastic Deathride
76. 2001-05-08God DethronedSwallow the spikes
77. 2001-05-01God DethronedThe Posion Apple (Eve and the Serpent in the garden of Eden)
78. 2001-04-10God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
79. 2001-03-20God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
80. 2001-03-13God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
81. 2001-02-13God DethronedColoceum Serenades
82. 2001-01-16God DethronedSoul Capture 1562
83. 2000-12-31God DethronedGolden wings of Death
84. 2000-12-05God DethronedSould Capture 1562
85. 2000-11-28God DethronedSoul Capture 1562
86. 2000-11-21God DethronedBloody Blasphemy
87. 2000-11-07God DethronedUnder the Golden Wings of Death
88. 2000-11-07God DethronedUnder the Golden Wings of Death
89. 2000-10-10God DethronedColoseum Serenades
90. 2000-10-10God DethronedColoseum Serenades
91. 2000-09-04God Dethronedunder the Golden Wings of Death
92. 2000-08-14God DethronedUnder the Golden Wings of Death
93. 2000-08-07God DethronedThe Somberness of Winter
94. 2000-07-31God DethronedThe Somberness of Winter
95. 2000-07-17God DethronedThe Grand Grimoire
96. 2000-07-17God DethronedThe Grand Grimoire
97. 2000-06-12God Dethronedthe Art of Immolation
98. 2000-06-05God DethronedUnder the Goilden Wings of Death
99. 2000-04-17God DethronedSoul Capure 1562
100. 2000-03-27God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
101. 2000-03-20God DethronedSerpent King
102. 2000-03-13God Dethronedunder the Golden Wings of Death
103. 2000-02-28God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
104. 2000-02-14God DethronedGrand Grimiore
105. 2000-01-24God DethronedNocturnal
106. 2000-01-10God Dethronedthe Grand Grimoire
107. 2000-01-03God DethronedUnder the Golden wings of Death
108. 1999-12-20God DethronedUnder a Silver Moon
109. 1999-12-13God Dethronedthe Luciferian Episode/Under a Silver Moon
110. 1999-10-11God DethronedFirebreath
111. 1999-09-27God Dethronedthe Execution Protocol
112. 1999-09-20God DethronedFirebreath
113. 1999-09-13God DethronedUnder the Golden wings of Death
114. 1999-09-06God Dethronedthe Grand Grimoire
115. 1999-08-30God DethronedA View of Ages
116. 1999-08-23God DethronedSoul Capture
117. 1999-08-21God DethronedThe Somberness of Winter
118. 1999-08-21God DethronedThe Somberness of Winter
119. 1999-08-16God DethronedBloody Slasphemy/serpentking
120. 1999-07-19God DethronedColoseum Serenades
121. 1999-07-12God Dethronedthe Luciferian Episode - under a sliver moon
122. 1999-04-27God DethronedInto a Dark Millenium
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