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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1261 playlist up with 53380 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-01-31Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the ParkEnigma Records
2. 2020-07-13Death AngelAbsence Of LightRelentless RetributionNuclear Blast GmbH
3. 2020-06-01Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the ParkEnigma Records
4. 2019-11-11Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the Parkenigma
5. 2019-05-13Death AngelAggressorHumanicideNuclear Blast Records
6. 2016-11-07Death AngelKill As Onethe Ultra-Violenceenigma
7. 2016-09-19Death AngelDeath Of The MeekRelentless RetributionNuclear Blast GmbH
8. 2016-07-04Death AngelClaws In So DeepRelentless RetributionNuclear Blast GmbH
9. 2016-06-27Death AngelFather of LiesThe Evil DivideNuclear Blast Records
10. 2014-12-22Death AngelWhy You Do This?Frolic Through the Parkenigma
11. 2013-11-18Death AngelSon Of The MorningThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
12. 2013-11-04Death AngelDetonateThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
13. 2013-10-21Death AngelSuccubusThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
14. 2013-10-14Death AngelLeft For DeadThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
15. 2013-10-07Death AngelThe Dreams Calls For BloodThe Dreams Calls For Bloodnuclearblast
16. 2013-09-09Death AngelDeath Is Certain (Life Is Not)Darkness Descends
17. 2013-01-28Death AngelThicker Than BloodThe Art Of Killingnuclearblast
18. 2012-12-24Death AngelBuried AliveKilling Seasonnuclearblast
19. 2012-08-20Death AngelShores of SinFrolic Through the Parkenigma
20. 2012-07-02Death AngelRelentless RevolutionRelentless Retributionnuclearblast
21. 2012-05-07Death AngelMistress Of Painthe Ultra-Violencenuclearblast
22. 2012-04-23Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the Parkenigma
23. 2012-03-05Death Angel3rd FloorFrolic Through the Parkenigma
24. 2012-02-27Death Angelthe OrganisationAct IIIenigma
25. 2011-11-14Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the Parkenigma
26. 2011-09-05Death AngelOpen UpFrolic Through the Parkenigma
27. 2011-01-10Death AngelGuilty Of InnocenceFrolic Through the Parkenigma
28. 2011-01-03Death AngelRiver Of RaptureRelentless Retributionnuclearblast
29. 2010-11-08Death AngelInto The Arms of Righteous AngerRelentless Retributionnuclearblast
30. 2010-10-18Death AngelRiver Of RaptureRelentless Retributionnuclearblast
31. 2010-10-04Death AngelSoullessKilling Seasonnuclearblast
32. 2010-09-27Death AngelAbsence Of LightRelentless Retributionnuclearblast
33. 2010-08-02Death Angel3rd FloorFrolic Through the Parkenigma
34. 2010-07-19Death AngelKill As Onethe Ultra-Violenceenigma
35. 2010-07-12Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the Parkenigma
36. 2010-06-28Death AngelGuilty Of InnocenceFrolic Through the Parkenigma
37. 2010-03-22Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the Parkenigma
38. 2010-03-15Death AngelThrashersthe Ultra-Violenceenigma
39. 2010-03-01Death AngelGuilty Of InnocenceFrolic Through the Parkenigma
40. 2009-12-14Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the Parkenigma
41. 2009-11-02Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the Parkenigma
42. 2009-03-30Death AngelConfusedFrolic Through the Parkenigma
43. 2008-12-08Death AngelMind RapeFrolic Through the Parkenigma
44. 2008-04-14Death AngelThe NooseKilling Seasonnuclearblast
45. 2008-03-17Death AngelGod vs GodKilling Seasonnuclearblast
46. 2008-02-25Death AngelBuried AliveKilling Seasonnuclearblast
47. 2008-02-18Death AngelSoullessKilling Seasonnuclearblast
48. 2006-01-02death angelthicker than blood (live)
49. 2004-11-15death angelopen up
50. 2004-04-19death angelthrown to the wolves
51. 2004-03-01Death Angelwhy you do this
52. 2003-05-13Death AngelThreashers
53. 1999-10-04Death Angelthe Organization
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