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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1370 playlist up with 57009 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2024-07-22Dark TranquillityCrimson WindsSkydancer + Of Chaos And Eternal Night
2. 2023-09-04Dark TranquillityDream OblivionWe are the VoidCentury Media Records
3. 2023-07-24Dark TranquillityInside the Particle StormFictionCentury Media Records
4. 2019-03-18Dark TranquillityVernal AwakeningTrail of Life Decayed
5. 2018-02-12Dark TranquillityThe Grandest AccusationWe are the VoidCentury Media Records
6. 2017-02-20Dark TranquillityMonochromatic StainsDamage DoneCentury Media Records
7. 2016-11-28Dark TranquillityFaithless By DefaultAtomaCentury Media Records
8. 2016-10-17Dark TranquillityNeutralityAtomaCentury Media Records
9. 2013-06-17Dark TranquillityThe Silence In BetweenConstructcenturymedia
10. 2012-11-12Dark TranquillityTo Where Fires Cannot FeedZero Distancecenturymedia
11. 2012-10-22Dark TranquillityTo Where Fires Cannot FeedZero Distancecenturymedia
12. 2010-05-31Dark TranquillityShadow In Our BloodWe Are The Voidcenturymedia
13. 2010-04-26Dark TranquillityDream OblivionWe Are The Voidcenturymedia
14. 2010-04-12Dark TranquillityHer Silent LanguageWe Are The Voidcenturymedia
15. 2010-04-05Dark TranquillityI Am The VoidWe Are The Voidcenturymedia
16. 2010-03-29Dark TranquillityThe FatalistWe Are The Voidcenturymedia
17. 2008-10-06Dark Tranquillitythe Sun Fired BlaProjectorcenturymedia
18. 2007-06-18Dark TranquillityMiserys crownFictioncenturymedia
19. 2007-06-04Dark TranquillityTerminus (where death is most Alive)Fictioncenturymedia
20. 2007-05-14Dark TranquillityBlind at Heart
21. 2007-05-07Dark TranquillityFocus Shift
22. 2007-04-30Dark Tranquillitythe lesser faith
23. 2007-04-23Dark TranquillityEmpty me
24. 2007-04-16Dark TranquillityBlind at heart
25. 2007-02-12Dark Tranquillitythe sun fired blanks
26. 2005-10-24Dark Tranquillitylost to apathy
27. 2005-04-11dark tranquillitylost to apathy
28. 2005-03-21dark tranquillitylost to apathy
29. 2005-02-21dark tranquillitythrough smudged lenses
30. 2005-02-14dark tranquillitysenses tied
31. 2005-02-07dark tranquillitythe new build
32. 2005-01-31dark tranquillitydry run
33. 2005-01-24dark tranquillitysenses tied
34. 2005-01-17dark tranquillitythe endless feed
35. 2005-01-10dark tranquillityout of nothing
36. 2004-11-29Dark Tranquillitydamage done
37. 2004-11-01Dark Tranquillitymonochromatic stains
38. 2003-10-05Dark Tranquillitydamage done
39. 2003-08-12Dark Tranquillityfinal resistance
40. 2003-01-14Dark Tranquillitythe Sun Fired Blacks
41. 2002-11-12Dark TranquillityDamage Done
42. 2002-10-15Dark TranquillityThe Enemy
43. 2002-10-08Dark TranquillityMonochromatic Stains
44. 2002-10-01Dark TranquillityWhite Noise/Black Silence
45. 2002-09-24Dark Tranquillitythe Enemy
46. 2002-09-17Dark Tranquillitythe Treason Wall
47. 2002-09-10Dark Tranquillitythe Treason Wall
48. 2002-09-03Dark TranquillitySingle part of Two
49. 2002-08-27Dark TranquillityThe Enemy
50. 2002-08-20Dark TranquillityFor thee I bleed
51. 2002-08-13Dark TranquillityMonochromatic Stains
52. 2002-08-06Dark TranquillityFinal Resistance
53. 1999-12-20Dark TranquillityOn your Time
54. 1999-12-06Dark Tranquillitythe Sun Fired Blanks
55. 1999-11-08Dark TranquillityNether Novas
56. 1999-10-18Dark TranquillityAuctioned
57. 1999-10-11Dark TranquillityUnDo Control
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