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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1160 playlist up with 49506 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-05-04Cave InChameleonBeyond Hypothermia
2. 2019-03-18Cave InJuggernautUntil Your Heart StopsHydra Head
3. 2019-01-21Cave InRitual FamineBeyond HypothermiaHydra Head Records
4. 2018-04-02Cave InHalo of FliesUntil Your Heart Stopshydrahead
5. 2017-08-21Cave InCrossbearerBeyond HypothermiaHydra Head Records
6. 2017-05-15Cave InProgrammed BehindBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
7. 2015-12-21Cave InCapsizeBeyond HypothermiaHydra Head Records
8. 2015-01-26Cave InHalo Of FliesUntil your Heart Stopshydrahead
9. 2014-11-24Cave InCapsizeBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
10. 2012-03-12Cave InHidden Track (fight fire with fire)Beyond Hypothermiahydrahead
11. 2012-01-09Cave Inthe End of the Rope is a NoseUntil your Heart Stopshydrahead
12. 2011-07-25Cave InSummit FearWhite Silencehydrahead
13. 2010-05-10Cave InProgrammed BehindBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
14. 2009-12-21Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
15. 2009-07-06Cave InStoicBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
16. 2009-03-23Cave InCrossbearerUntil your Heart Stopshydrahead
17. 2008-12-29Cave InStoicBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
18. 2008-11-10Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
19. 2008-01-21Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
20. 2006-09-25Cave InProgrammed Behind
21. 2006-03-06Cave IncrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
22. 2005-10-24Cave IncapsizeBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
23. 2005-08-01Cave IncramboneBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
24. 2005-07-25Cave InProgrammed Behind
25. 2005-04-18Cave InProgrammed Behind
26. 2005-03-21Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
27. 2005-02-28Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
28. 2005-02-21Cave InProgrammed Behind
29. 2004-12-13Cave InProgrammed Behind
30. 2004-11-22Cave IncrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
31. 2004-10-04Cave Inpivotal
32. 2004-07-05Cave IncrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
33. 2004-05-17Cave Inuntil your heart stopsUntil your Heart Stopshydrahead
34. 2003-09-09Cave IncrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
35. 2003-04-29Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
36. 2003-03-11Cave InEbola
37. 2003-02-04Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
38. 2002-12-01Cave InCapsizeBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
39. 2002-11-19Cave InProgrammed Behind
40. 2002-09-24Cave InProgrammed Behind
41. 2002-05-21Cave InCapsizeBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
42. 2002-04-09Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
43. 2002-01-22Cave InBottom Feeder
44. 2001-12-25Cave InChamelon
45. 2001-12-04Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
46. 2001-10-30Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
47. 2001-10-30Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
48. 2001-09-04Cave InJugernautUntil your Heart Stopshydrahead
49. 2001-09-04Cave InJugernautUntil your Heart Stopshydrahead
50. 2001-08-21Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
51. 2001-08-21Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
52. 2001-07-03Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
53. 2001-06-19Cave InProgrammed Behind
54. 1999-09-20Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
55. 1999-09-06Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
56. 1999-08-30Cave InFlypaper
57. 1999-07-12Cave InFlypaper
58. 1999-05-10Cave InTerminal Deity
59. 1999-05-04Cave InProgrammed Behind
60. 1999-04-27Cave InUntil your Heart StopsUntil your Heart Stopshydrahead
61. 1999-04-20Cave Inthe End of the Rope is a Nose
62. 1999-04-06Cave InTerminal Deity
63. 1999-03-29Cave InEbola
64. 1999-03-22Cave InJuggernautUntil your Heart Stopshydrahead
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