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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1176 playlist up with 50250 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-08-31Bolt ThrowerSpearheadThe IVth CrusadeMetal Blade Records
2. 2020-05-25Bolt ThrowerGranite WallThose Once LoyalMetal Blade Records
3. 2020-01-27Bolt ThrowerPlague BearerRealm Of Chaos
4. 2019-04-01Bolt Thrower...For Victory...For VictoryEarache Records
5. 2018-12-03Bolt ThrowerDark MilleniumRealm Of Chaos
6. 2018-11-26Bolt Thrower7th OffensiveHonour Valour PrideMetal Blade
7. 2018-03-26Bolt ThrowerDrowned In TormentRealm Of Chaos
8. 2018-01-22Bolt ThrowerThe Ivth Crusade...For Victory, Disc 2Earache Records
9. 2017-10-09Bolt ThrowerK-MachineHonour Valour PrideMetal Blade
10. 2017-07-10Bolt Thrower...For Victory...For VictoryEarache Records
11. 2017-06-19Bolt ThrowerCenotaph...For Victory, Disc 2Earache Records
12. 2017-05-15Bolt ThrowerAs The World BurnsThe IVth CrusadeMetal Blade Records
13. 2017-04-03Bolt ThrowerReturn From ChaosMercenaryMetal Blade Records
14. 2017-03-20Bolt ThrowerRitualThe IVth Crusade
15. 2016-09-19Bolt ThrowerLest We Forget...For VictoryEarache Records
16. 2016-07-25Bolt ThrowerNo Guts, No GloryMercenaryMetal Blade Records
17. 2016-05-02Bolt ThrowerLaid to WasteMercenaryMetal Blade Records
18. 2016-04-11Bolt ThrowerEternal WarVarious Artists: Grind Madness At The BBCEarache
19. 2016-03-21Bolt ThrowerWhere Next to Conquer...For Victory, Disc 2Earache Records
20. 2015-09-28Bolt ThrowerDying CreedThe IVth Crusademetalblade
21. 2015-07-20Bolt ThrowerSuspect HostileHonor Valour Pridemetalblade
22. 2015-05-25Bolt ThrowerWar MasterWarmasterearache
23. 2015-03-23Bolt ThrowerWhen Glory Beckons...For Victoryearache
24. 2014-12-01Bolt ThrowerPowder BurnsMercenarymetalblade
25. 2014-11-10Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
26. 2014-09-22Bolt ThrowerAs The World Burns...For Victorycombat
27. 2014-09-15Bolt ThrowerAnti-Tank (Dead Armour)Those Once Loyalmetalblade
28. 2014-05-19Bolt ThrowerDark MilleniumRealm Of Chaoscombat
29. 2014-04-28Bolt ThrowerThis Time It's WarThe IVth Crusademetalblade
30. 2013-12-16Bolt ThrowerAttack In The AftermathVarious Artist - Grind Madness At The BBC
31. 2013-11-04Bolt ThrowerGraven Image...For Victoryearache
32. 2013-10-07Bolt ThrowerWorld EaterVarious Artist - Grindcrusher 2earache
33. 2013-05-27Bolt ThrowerThe KillchainThose Once Loyalmetalblade
34. 2013-05-20Bolt ThrowerProfance CreationWarmastercombat
35. 2013-04-08Bolt ThrowerThrough The AgesThe IVth Crusademetalblade
36. 2012-12-03Bolt Throwerthe Shreds of SanityWarmastercombat
37. 2012-11-19Bolt Throwerthe Shreds of SanityWarmasterearache
38. 2012-07-16Bolt ThrowerLast Stand Of HumanityThose Once Loyalmetalblade
39. 2012-06-25Bolt ThrowerEntrenchedThose Once Loyalmetalblade
40. 2012-06-04Bolt ThrowerWar/Remembrance...For Victoryearache
41. 2012-01-30Bolt ThrowerThe KillchainThose Once Loyalmetalblade
42. 2012-01-09Bolt ThrowerLaid To WasteMercenarymetalblade
43. 2011-12-19Bolt ThrowerReturn From ChaosMercenarymetalblade
44. 2011-11-14Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
45. 2011-11-07Bolt ThrowerTo The Last...Mercenarymetalblade
46. 2011-07-25Bolt ThrowerEntrenchedThose Once Loyalmetalblade
47. 2011-02-28Bolt ThrowerThose Once LoyalThose Once Loyalmetalblade
48. 2011-01-10Bolt ThrowerEntrenchedThose Once Loyalmetalblade
49. 2010-12-06Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
50. 2010-11-15Bolt ThrowerReturn From ChaosMercenarymetalblade
51. 2010-11-08Bolt ThrowerAt First LightThose Once Loyalmetalblade
52. 2010-09-06Bolt ThrowerProfance CreationWarmastercombat
53. 2010-06-14Bolt ThrowerWhen Glory Beckons...For Victoryearache
54. 2009-11-02Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
55. 2009-08-31Bolt Thrower7th offensiveHonor Valour Pridemetalblade
56. 2009-08-03Bolt Throwerthe Shreds of SanityWarmasterearache
57. 2009-05-25Bolt Thrower7th OffensiveHonor Valour Pridemetalblade
58. 2009-05-11Bolt ThrowerHonorHonor Valour Pridemetalblade
59. 2009-05-04Bolt ThrowerFinal RelevationWarmasterearache
60. 2009-04-27Bolt ThrowerStraight Jacket/I've Got A CureVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
61. 2009-03-02Bolt Throwerthe Shreds of SanityWarmastercombat
62. 2009-02-09Bolt Thrower7th offensiveHonor Valour Pridemetalblade
63. 2008-12-15Bolt ThrowerSuspect HostileHonor Valour Pridemetalblade
64. 2008-05-05Bolt ThrowerBehind Enemy LinesMercenarymetalblade
65. 2007-12-24Bolt ThrowerReturn From ChaosMercenarymetalblade
66. 2007-11-05Bolt ThrowerDestructive InfinityWarmastercombat
67. 2007-10-01Bolt Throwerthe Shreds of SanityWarmasterearache
68. 2007-08-20Bolt ThrowerRebirth of HumanityWarmastercombat
69. 2007-04-30Bolt ThrowerReturn From Chaos
70. 2007-04-16Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of Terror
71. 2006-09-18bolt throwercenotaph
72. 2006-01-23bolt throwerThe Killchain
73. 2006-01-16bolt throwerat first light
74. 2006-01-02bolt throwerentrenched
75. 2005-12-26bolt throwergranite wall
76. 2005-12-19bolt throwerthose once loyal
77. 2005-12-12bolt throwerwhen cannons fade
78. 2005-12-05bolt throwerentrenched
79. 2005-11-28bolt throwerat first light
80. 2005-11-21bolt throwerThe Killchain
81. 2005-05-23bolt throwerbehind enemy lines
82. 2004-12-27bolt throwerinside the wire
83. 2004-11-08bolt throwerhonour
84. 2004-10-04bolt throwercenotaph
85. 2004-07-12bolt throwerFinal Relevation
86. 2004-06-07bolt throwerbehind enemy lines
87. 2002-12-10Bolt ThrowerArmagedon Bound
88. 2002-04-09bolt throwerhonor
89. 2002-03-12Bolt ThrowerInside the wire
90. 2002-02-26Bolt ThrowerA Hollow Truce
91. 2002-02-19Bolt Thrower7th Offensive
92. 2002-02-11Bolt ThrowerSuspect hostile
93. 2002-02-05Bolt ThrowerA Hollow Truce
94. 2002-01-29Bolt Throwerk-machine
95. 2002-01-22Bolt Thrower7th offensive
96. 2002-01-15Bolt ThrowerSuspect Hostile
97. 2001-11-06Bolt ThrowerDying Creed (live)
98. 2001-09-18Bolt ThrowerFinal Relevation
99. 2000-08-07Bolt ThrowerProfance Creation
100. 2000-07-10Bolt ThrowerWarmaster
101. 1999-12-13Bolt ThrowerGraven Image
102. 1997-05-05Bolt ThrowerTank (MK I)
103. 1997-04-21Bolt ThrowerWhen glory Beckons
104. 1997-03-03Bolt throwerSpearhead
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