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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1369 playlist up with 56979 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-12-12Arch EnemyAces HighBlack EarthRegain Records
2. 2022-02-28Arch EnemyDead InsideBurning BridgesDream On
3. 2016-12-26Arch EnemyAngelclawBurning BridgesDream On
4. 2015-11-23Arch EnemyBlack EarthStigmataregain
5. 2015-11-09Arch EnemyNemisisTyrants Of The Rising Sun (live In Japan)centurymedia
6. 2015-10-19Arch EnemyNo Gods, No MastersKhaos Legionscenturymedia
7. 2015-09-07Arch EnemyAs The Pages BurnWar Eternalcenturymedia
8. 2015-03-23Arch EnemyBeast Of ManStigmatacenturymedia
9. 2014-09-22Arch EnemyNo More RegretsWar Eternalcenturymedia
10. 2014-08-18Arch EnemyNever Forgive, Never ForgetWar Eternalcenturymedia
11. 2014-07-21Arch EnemyNo More RegretsWar Eternalcenturymedia
12. 2014-07-14Arch EnemyYou Will Know My NameWar Eternal
13. 2011-08-08Arch EnemyCruelty Without BeautyKhaos Legionscenturymedia
14. 2010-12-27Arch EnemySnow BoundWages Of Sincenturymedia
15. 2010-06-21Arch EnemyEnemy WithinWages Of Sincenturymedia
16. 2009-12-07Arch EnemyDark InsanityThe Root Of All Evilcenturymedia
17. 2009-10-26Arch EnemyThe ImmortalThe Root Of All Evilcenturymedia
18. 2008-01-07Arch Enemythe Day You DiedRise of the Tyrantcenturymedia
19. 2007-12-31Arch EnemyRevolution BeginsRise of the Tyrantcenturymedia
20. 2007-12-03Arch EnemyI will Live AgainRise of the Tyrantcenturymedia
21. 2007-05-28Arch EnemyEurekaBlack Earthregain
22. 2007-04-16Arch Enemyidolatress
23. 2007-04-09Arch EnemyBury me an Angel
24. 2007-02-26arch enemynemisis
25. 2007-02-19arch enemycarry the cross
26. 2006-09-25arch enemydemonic silence
27. 2005-10-10arch enemynemisis
28. 2005-10-03arch enemyi am legend-out for blood
29. 2005-09-26arch enemytakingback my soul
30. 2005-09-12arch enemyskeleton dance
31. 2005-09-05arch enemymy apocalypse
32. 2005-08-29arch enemyhybrids of steel
33. 2005-08-22arch enemyenter the machine
34. 2005-08-15arch enemycarry the cross
35. 2005-08-08arch enemytaking back my soul
36. 2005-08-01arch enemynemisis
37. 2005-07-25arch enemynemisis
38. 2005-07-18arch enemyi am legend/out for blood
39. 2005-05-09arch enemypilgrim
40. 2004-05-31arch enemyinstinct
41. 2004-04-19arch enemypilgrim
42. 2004-02-16arch enemylosing faith
43. 2003-11-17arch enemydead eyes see no future
44. 2003-11-03arch enemysilent wars
45. 2003-10-27arch enemydead eyes see no future
46. 2003-10-20arch enemyinstinct
47. 2003-10-13arch enemywe will rise
48. 2003-10-05arch enemydead eyes see no future
49. 2003-09-29arch enemysaints and sinners
50. 2003-09-22arch enemysilent wars
51. 2003-09-15arch enemydespicable heroes
52. 2003-09-09arch enemydead eyes see no future
53. 2003-09-02Arch EnemyDead Eyes Seen No Future
54. 2003-08-26arch enemyLeader of the Rats
55. 2003-08-05Arch EnemyWe Will Rise
56. 2003-07-29arch enemynew track
57. 2002-12-10Arch EnemyWeb of Lies
58. 2002-10-29Arch EnemyHeart of Darkness
59. 2002-10-08Arch EnemyRavenous
60. 2002-09-10Arch EnemySeed of Hate
61. 2002-08-27Arch EnemyThe Immortal
62. 2002-06-11Arch EnemyBehind the Smile
63. 2002-05-28Arch EnemyHeart of Darkness
64. 2002-05-14Arch EnemyWeb of Lies
65. 2002-05-07Arch Enemythe First Deadly Sin
66. 2002-04-16Arch EnemyBehind the Smile
67. 2002-04-09Arch EnemyWeb of Lies
68. 2002-04-02Arch EnemyHeart of Darkness
69. 2002-03-26Arch EnemyBehind the Smile
70. 2002-03-19Arch EnemyDead Bury their Dead
71. 2002-03-12Arch EnemyHeart of Darkness
72. 2000-07-17Arch EnemyDead Inside
73. 2000-07-17Arch EnemyDead Inside
74. 1999-08-30Arch Enemyangel claw
75. 1999-08-16Arch EnemySeed of Hate
76. 1999-08-09Arch EnemyDemonic Science
77. 1999-08-02Arch EnemyDead inside
78. 1999-07-26Arch EnemyDemonic Science
79. 1999-07-19Arch EnemyDead Inside
80. 1999-07-05Arch Enemythe Immortal
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