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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1369 playlist up with 56979 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2023-11-13Anal CuntLoudest StereoFuckin' A
2. 2018-03-05Anal CuntI Snuck a Retard Into the SpermbankIt only gets worse
3. 2014-08-11Anal CuntI'm Still Standing (live)Live From the Middle East 8-15-2000
4. 2014-03-03Anal CuntChapel Of GristleEveryone Should Be KILLEDearache
5. 2012-07-23Anal CuntHootie & the BlowfishEveryone Should Be KILLEDearache
6. 2012-06-04Anal CuntHoward Wulkan's BaldVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
7. 2012-06-04Anal CuntWind chimes are gayVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
8. 2011-12-26Anal CuntGuy SmileyEveryone Should Be KILLEDearache
9. 2011-07-18Anal CuntHootie & the BlowfishEveryone Should Be KILLEDearache
10. 2011-06-13Anal CuntMTV Is My Source For New MusicEveryone Should Be KILLEDearache
11. 2011-06-13Anal CuntObviously AdoptedDefenders Of The Hateearache
12. 2011-06-13Anal CuntJack Kevorkian Is CoolI Like it When You Dieearache
13. 2011-06-13Anal CuntRecycling Is GayI like it when you dieearache
14. 2011-06-13Anal CuntPottery Is GayI Like it When You Dieearache
15. 2011-06-13Anal CuntInternet Is GayI like it when you dieearache
16. 2011-06-13Anal CuntTechnology's GayI Like it When You Dieearache
17. 2011-06-13Anal CuntKyle From Incantation Has Got A MoustacheI like it when you dieearache
18. 2011-06-13Anal CuntGloves of Metal (live)Live From the Middle East 8-15-2000
19. 2009-09-14Anal CuntYou're A CopI like it when you dieearache
20. 2008-03-03Anal CuntYou've Got No FriendsI like it when you dieearache
21. 2007-12-24Anal CuntYou Got CancerI like it when you dieearache
22. 2007-06-25anal cuntAll our fans are gayDefenders Of The Hateearache
23. 2007-01-15anal cunttechnology is gay
24. 2006-12-25anal cuntim still standing (live wnyu)
25. 2006-09-25anal cuntkyle from incantation has got a moustache
26. 2006-09-18anal cuntyou can't shut up
27. 2006-09-04anal cunt#10 - fudge worthy comp
28. 2006-09-04anal cunt#10 - fudge worthy comp
29. 2005-06-13anal cuntyou are an interior decorator
30. 2005-05-09anal cuntyou go to art school
31. 2005-01-01anal cuntyou're in a coma
32. 2004-11-15anal cunt88 songs
33. 2004-06-21anal cunttom arnold (live)
34. 2003-12-08anal cunttrack
35. 2003-11-10anal cuntyou look adopted
36. 2003-10-05anal cuntyou live in a houseboat
37. 2003-05-13Anal CuntTrack from 88 songs
38. 2003-02-18Anal CuntYour kid is deformed
39. 2002-11-19Anal CuntFlowershop guy
40. 2002-05-26Anal CuntInternet is gay
41. 2002-05-26Anal CuntMtv is my source for new Music
42. 2002-04-23Anal CuntStaying Alive
43. 2002-02-26Anal CuntYou live in a House Boat
44. 2002-01-22Anal CuntYour Kid is Deformed
45. 2001-10-23Anal Cunt33 songs
46. 2001-09-25Anal Cuntac track
47. 2001-04-24Anal CuntStain' Alive
48. 2000-12-31Anal CuntGloves of Metal
49. 2000-11-21Anal CuntGloves of Metal (live)
50. 2000-11-07Anal CuntHootie & the Blowfish
51. 2000-11-07Anal CuntHootie & the Blowfish
52. 2000-10-03Anal CuntGloves of Metal (live)
53. 2000-09-04Anal CuntBrutally Morbid Axe of Satan
54. 2000-08-28Anal CuntGloves of Metal
55. 2000-08-21Anal CuntNew Song (live)
56. 2000-04-24Anal CuntYou're Gay
57. 2000-04-17Anal CuntGay Shit
58. 2000-02-14Anal CuntI'm not allowed to like AC anymore since they signed to Earache
59. 1999-11-22Anal Cuntold tyme hardcore
60. 1999-11-08Anal CuntYou live in Alston
61. 1999-05-24Anal Cunt88 songs
62. 1997-11-03Anal Cuntunbelievable/311 suckes
63. 1997-09-01Anal CuntWhen I think of true punk bands, I think of Nirvanna and the Melvins
64. 1997-09-01Anal CuntYou went to See Dishwalla and Everclear (you're gay)
65. 1997-08-25Anal CuntBlowfish
66. 1997-08-04Anal CuntYour Kid is Deformed
67. 1997-07-21Anal Cunthootie and the blowfish
68. 1997-07-14Anal CuntUnbelievable
69. 1997-07-07Anal CuntMTV is My Source for new Music
70. 1997-06-30Anal CuntHootie and the blowfish
71. 1997-05-12Anal Cunt311 Sucks
72. 1997-05-12Anal Cuntyour kids deformed
73. 1997-04-08Anal CuntWind chimes are gay
74. 1997-04-08Anal CuntNo We Don't
75. 1997-03-31Anal Cuntyou sell cologne
76. 1997-03-31Anal Cunt311 sucks
77. 1997-03-31Anal Cuntyour kid's deformed
78. 1997-03-24Anal Cunt311 sucks
79. 1997-03-17Anal Cunttrack
80. 1997-03-10Anal Cunt311 sucks.You lock Adopted
81. 1997-03-03Anal CuntTechnology's Gay
82. 1997-02-24Anal CuntTechnology's Gay
83. 1997-02-17Anal CuntTechnology's Gay
84. 1997-02-03Anal Cunt311 Sucks
85. 1997-01-27Anal Cunt311 Sucks!!
86. 1996-09-09Anal CuntUnbelievable
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