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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1257 playlist up with 53245 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-02-07Agoraphobic NosebleedHung from the Rising SunAgorapocalypseRelapse Records
2. 2020-08-03Agoraphobic NosebleedThe Fourth Day of SodomAltered States of America, Disc 1Relapse Records
3. 2019-06-17Agoraphobic Nosebleed + ConvergeDestroyedThe Poacher Diaries
4. 2018-11-26Agoraphobic NosebleedGlass TornadoThe Poacher DiariesSony Music Distribution
5. 2018-08-20Agoraphobic NosebleedQuestion of IntegrityAgorapocalypseRelapse Records
6. 2017-07-10Agoraphobic NosebleedThe Fourth Day of SodomAltered States of America, Disc 1Relapse Records
7. 2017-05-01Agoraphobic NosebleedLandfills of ExtinctThe Poacher Diariesrelapse
8. 2017-04-10Agoraphobic NosebleedBed of FliesThe Poacher Diaries
9. 2016-10-03Agoraphobic NosebleedCrap CannonFrozen Corpse Stuffed With DopeRelapse Records
10. 2016-04-04AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEEDNot A DaughterArcRelapse Records
11. 2016-02-01AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEEDDeathbedArc (NA Promo)Relapse Records
12. 2015-12-21Agoraphobic NosebleedThe Fifth Day of SodomAltered States of America, Disc 1Relapse Records
13. 2015-08-24Agoraphobic NosebleedRemoving Locator ToothAltered States Of America (disc 1)relapse
14. 2015-05-25Agoraphobic NosebleedHung from the Rising SunAgorapocalypserelapse
15. 2015-03-09Agoraphobic NosebleedCloved In TwainHonkey Reductionrelapse
16. 2014-11-03Agoraphobic NosebleedThe Sixth Day Of Sodom: Boston Hardcore CaligulaAltered States Of America (disc 1)relapse
17. 2014-09-15Agoraphobic NosebleedBovine CaligulaFrozen Corpse Stuffed with Doperelapse
18. 2014-06-23Agoraphobic NosebleedGlass TornadoAgoraphobic Nosebleed/Converge Splitrelapse
19. 2013-02-11Agoraphobic NosebleedHang the PopeFrozen Corpse Stuffed with Doperelapse
20. 2012-12-17Agoraphobic NosebleedMachine GunFrozen Corpse Stuffed with Doperelapse
21. 2012-09-10Agoraphobic NosebleedNarcoterrorist MeglomaniacAltered States Of America (disc 1)relapse
22. 2011-06-20Agoraphobic NosebleedPentagram ConstellationAgoraphobic Nosebleed/Converge Splitrelapse
23. 2011-04-18Agoraphobic NosebleedGraveworkBestial Machineryrelapse
24. 2011-01-31Agoraphobic NosebleedBaby CannonBestial Machineryrelapse
25. 2009-06-15Agoraphobic NosebleedHung from the Rising SunAgorapocalypserelapse
26. 2009-05-25Agoraphobic NosebleedTimelord Two (Paradoxical Reaction)Agorapocalypserelapse
27. 2009-05-18Agoraphobic Nosebleed100 Dead RabbitsBestial Machineryrelapse
28. 2009-04-20Agoraphobic NosebleedTimelord Two (Paradoxical Reaction)Agorapocalypserelapse
29. 2009-04-13Agoraphobic NosebleedHung from the Rising SunAgorapocalypserelapse
30. 2009-04-06Agoraphobic NosebleedAgorapocalypse NowAgorapocalypserelapse
31. 2008-12-29Agoraphobic NosebleedCenter of the HiveAgoraphobic Nosebleed/Converge Splitrelapse
32. 2008-08-25Agoraphobic NosebleedBitch's Handbag full of moneyFrozen Corpse Stuffed with Doperelapse
33. 2008-05-12Agoraphobic NosebleedBitch's Handbag full of moneyFrozen Corpse Stuffed with Doperelapse
34. 2007-08-20Agoraphobic NosebleedBed of FliesAgoraphobic Nosebleed/Converge Splitrelapse
35. 2007-07-16Agoraphobic NosebleedCrap CannonFrozen Corpse Stuffed with Doperelapse
36. 2007-06-25Agoraphobic nosebleedBitch's Handbag full of money
37. 2007-03-19Agoraphobic NosebleedPentagram Constellation
38. 2007-02-05agoraphobic nosebleedthe withering of skin
39. 2007-01-08agoraphobic nosebleed#5 5" CD
40. 2006-12-25agoraphobic nosebleedaltered state
41. 2006-11-13agoraphobic nosebleed5"
42. 2006-05-08agoraphobic nosebleedgrief is not qualifiable
43. 2005-12-05agoraphobic nosebleedlandfills of extinct possibility
44. 2005-04-18agoraphobic nosebleedtrack
45. 2005-01-01agoraphobic nosebleedrazor blades under the dashboard
46. 2004-12-20Agoraphobic Nosebleedmantis
47. 2004-11-15Agoraphobic Nosebleed
48. 2004-06-28agoraphobic nosebleedbitch's handbag full of money
49. 2004-05-10agoraphobic nosebleednyc reminds me
50. 2004-04-26agoraphobic nosebleedtrack
51. 2004-04-12agoraphobic nosebleeddoctored results
52. 2004-02-02agoraphobic nosebleeddead battery
53. 2003-12-08agoraphobic nosebleedtrack
54. 2003-11-17agoraphobic nosebleedglasseater
55. 2003-10-05agoraphobic nosebleedvexed
56. 2003-05-27Agoraphobic NosebleedCover.your.face
57. 2003-05-13Agoraphobic NosebleedTrack
58. 2003-01-14Agoraphobic NosebleedCrap Cannon
59. 2002-10-08Agoraphobic NosebleedDead Battery
60. 2002-10-01Agoraphobic NosebleedRazor blades under the Dashboard
61. 2002-09-24Agoraphobic NosebleedNorth American
62. 2002-09-17Agoraphobic nosebleedBitch's Handbag full of money
63. 2002-09-10Agoraphobic NosebleedOrgan donor
64. 2002-09-03Agoraphobic NosebleedContaiminated Drug Supply
65. 2002-08-27Agoraphobic Nosebleeddoctor's results
66. 2002-08-20Agoraphobic NosebleedWhite Noise/Black Silence
67. 2002-06-18Agoraphobic NosebleedDie and get the fuck out of the way
68. 2002-01-08Agoraphobic NosebleedCenter of the Hive
69. 2001-10-16Agoraphobic NosebleedVexed
70. 2001-09-11Agoraphobic NosebleedCeramic Godproduct
71. 2001-09-11Agoraphobic NosebleedCeramic Godproduct
72. 2001-07-31Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ConvergeLandfills of Extinct Possibiities
73. 2001-07-31Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ConvergeLandfills of Extinct Possibiities
74. 2001-05-08Agoraphobic NosebleedLocust Reign
75. 2001-04-24Agoraphobic Nosebleedtrack
76. 2001-03-27Agoraphobic NosebleedOrgan donor
77. 2001-03-06Agoraphobic NosebleedOrgan Donor
78. 2000-11-14Agoraphobic NosebleedVexed
79. 2000-11-14Agoraphobic NosebleedVexed
80. 2000-10-17Agoraphobic NosebleedAll Systems Go
81. 2000-10-17Agoraphobic NosebleedAll Systems Go
82. 2000-04-10Agoraphobic NosebleedStrong Stench of Balance
83. 2000-04-03Agoraphobic NosebleedCattle
84. 2000-03-13Agoraphobic NosebleedGlass Tornado
85. 2000-02-14Agoraphobic NosebleedBed of Flies
86. 2000-01-24Agoraphobic NosebleedInfected Womb
87. 2000-01-17Agoraphobic NosebleedGringo
88. 2000-01-10Agoraphobic NosebleedPentagram Constellation
89. 1999-10-04Agoraphobic NosebleedStrong Stentch of Balance
90. 1999-04-27Agoraphobic NosebleedPCP Bipedo
91. 1999-03-22Agoraphobic Nosebleedtrack
92. 0000-00-00Agoraphobic NosebleedGlass Tornado
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