New Site? Probably not. New server though. coming soon. Sorry dudes. So RTTP is down for a bit.
I've been spending $169+ per month since 2000.
Do the math.
That's a car payment for over 2 decades.
The site is almost legal to drink.
My host took down the server that I have been using since 2009 and got rid of the building that it was in.
I am working on getting a VM up now.
But that's a lot of money each month to spend on pictures of bands from 15 years ago.
please bare with me.
If you have leads on a server for a vm with 250GB hard drive, 4-8gb ram, 2-3TB of bandwith for cheap, send me an email too. The site still does TB of data a month, but what does that matter in the end.
I hope both you and your loved ones make it through the apocalypse. I've been hiking and shooting film which you can see at the link below. Also, call your mother, she misses you.

If you want to listen to RTTP on 91.3FM, email me and I'll send you a link.
If you want pictures, email me.
if this is something personal, email me.
You can also check out the instgrams:
aaron pepelis

In this momment of silence,
Remember back when you used to head home from a show to find pictures of yourself on rttp.
Remember getting your band played on the radio show for the first time.
Remember the first time you saw the Reverend at a show taking pictures of your band and how nervous you were.
Remember when you got a link sent to you with a picture of you looking awful while rocking out.

Working so far

To do: